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Until this morning, I have given the subject of pagodas only a passing nod of attention. But for reasons hidden inside my brain and outside my sphere of consciousness, I felt compelled to explore why I suddenly said to myself … Continue reading

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Here and Now

Time and distance no longer matter when the only moment is now and the only place is here. Memories lose their grip on the soul at that juncture. All existence takes place in the present; neither the past nor the … Continue reading

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Looking for Serenity

Attempting to achieve anything remotely resembling a sense of serenity these days seems to be a fool’s errand. We are bombarded around the clock with news telling us that almost everything we hold dear is under assault in some form … Continue reading

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Transition to Acceptance

The sky is turning bright pink in the east. Earlier, it was orange and the trees against the horizon looked black, as if they were shadows. The day broke in beautiful form. But then I made the mistake of opening … Continue reading

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Ethiopian Food and Human Decency

I’ve discovered that my wife and I are not the only people around Hot Springs who enjoy Ethiopian food. Recently, I posted a query, to a Facebook group dedicated to Hot Springs area restaurant reviews, about whether my unsuccessful efforts to find … Continue reading

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Listening and Looking

In the interest of serenity, I am sitting on my screened porch, listening to bird calls and songs. I recognize the sounds, but can connect only a few to the birds making them. I hear a mourning dove, a tufted … Continue reading

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Serenity, Interpreted

I just stumbled across a post I wrote on January 23, 2011 on another blog that I abandoned some time ago.  Reading it made me catch my breath at what I felt when I wrote it and what I still fee. … Continue reading

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Dreaming without the Sleep Part

I just spent the better part of two hours in my little “shop,” listening to music and musing about life. Getting lost in music and musing is easy to do. It tends to take me into introspective moods, which can be … Continue reading

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A Patina of Experience

Last night, I was in “a mood.”   It caused me to write an email to a friend, something I too rarely do.  The message was mostly silliness memorialized in language, but as I read my message this morning, I saw … Continue reading

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Life on the “Farm”

Our house is near the southern end of the village.  Looking out from our decks and from  the windows of my study, I can see that the land just south of here is heavily wooded and hilly, but not so steep and … Continue reading

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Living in the Last Century

I can’t quite describe how it feels, but for some reason, it feels like I’m living in the last century, the late 1950s to be precise.  I’m referring only to tonight, not to my life in general.  But tonight is … Continue reading

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Aside from a few fierce storms that could have wrecked the center of the earth and beyond, the weather here has been rather nice thus far. But yesterday, the thermometer reached levels that would have prompted my father to say the … Continue reading

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This Morning, Venturing onto the Patio, into My Mind, and Down Memory Lane

I open the 15-pane door that lets ample light into the house and leads to the back patio, feeling a blanket of warm, humid air as I leave the air-conditioned house and step outside into reality.  The flagstone patio is … Continue reading

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Old Bones and Buddha and Searching for Home

One of my brothers lives in the country.  Not “in the country” on a manicured estate, not on a horse farm with beautifully painted barns and well-maintained pipe fences outlining lush fields of grass.  No, he lives in the country … Continue reading

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Working on It

Last night, I allowed myself to react to comments left on an online posting about Gawker’s release of George Bush’s telephone number.  I loathe George Bush and hold him personally responsible for launching an illegal and devastating war in Iraq, … Continue reading

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A Breather

The music and lyrics to a tune from my youth, A Place in the Sun by Pablo Cruise, have been on my mind lately; I can’t get them out of my mind. Well everybody’s heart needs a holiday, some time … Continue reading

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It’s not an infatuation with the Buddha, it’s an infatuation with the concept of serenity. That’s what draws me to these images. That’s why I bought the wooden wall hanging. That’s why I’d like to have the large  cast concrete … Continue reading

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