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Until this morning, I have given the subject of pagodas only a passing nod of attention. But for reasons hidden inside my brain and outside my sphere of consciousness, I felt compelled to explore why I suddenly said to myself … Continue reading

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Here and Now

Time and distance no longer matter when the only moment is now and the only place is here. Memories lose their grip on the soul at that juncture. All existence takes place in the present; neither the past nor the … Continue reading

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Looking for Serenity

Attempting to achieve anything remotely resembling a sense of serenity these days seems to be a fool’s errand. We are bombarded around the clock with news telling us that almost everything we hold dear is under assault in some form … Continue reading

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Along the Bloody Spectrum

I am an old infidel. A practicing heathen. A believer in knowledge and a follower of facts. Those truths notwithstanding, I am no longer the active antagonist toward religion I once was. There was a time I would have called … Continue reading

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Education Trumps Racism: Give Peace a Chance

I mentioned at the end of last month that I would participate in an online discussion dealing with racism, with a focus on racism leading to the death of young Black men at the hands of police. My interest in … Continue reading

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I know the streets of large cities are filled with disaffected youths. I understand that their arrogance is hard to accept and harder still to deal with. I realize there’s a massive gulf between my experiences and the lives of … Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor Remembrance

Seventy-three years ago, “…December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy, the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.” Eighty-one percent of American homes tuned in to … Continue reading

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Stress Washes Away in Water

Our next-door-neighbors took us out on their pontoon boat yesterday afternoon for three-plus hours of drifting along the shoreline of Lake Balboa, exploring little bays and coves, and looking at some spectacular lake-shore homes. During the cruise, we talked about … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Whether Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, or Other, most people acknowledge this day as Christmas day.  We’re not all celebrating the same thing when we celebrate today, but I think we’re all acknowledging the capacity of humanity to have good … Continue reading

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Relief Valve

My decisions are revocable. That’s what makes them seem wishy-washy; by definition, I suppose they are. My latest decision is to take another temporary breather from Facebook.  It’s not because I think it will have any lasting effect on me, … Continue reading

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The Sounds of Water

Much is said about the relaxing sound of running water. Listening to the gentle sound of a bubbling brook tends to relax people who pay attention to the sound. Fountains and water features are big sellers due, in part, to … Continue reading

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The Mortar of the Morning

I am back at home, fresh from a five mile walk.  I sit at the breakfast table, the casement windows open wide so I can enjoy temperatures hovering in the low 60s.  The clear sky this morning is bright but … Continue reading

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