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From time to time, I am surprised by the source of my own questions. This morning, for example, I asked (through Google) how Mexican per capita household annual income compares to that figure in the United States. I would not … Continue reading

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It boggles the mind to realize how utterly spoiled we are in this country. We (the collective “we,” not necessarily you and me) behave as if the good fortune to which we have become accustomed is our birthright. We assume … Continue reading

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Assigning Worth

It seems to me that people who need help to escape poverty generally do not need, nor want, handouts. They need a break. They need a chance to demonstrate their worth in a world in which value is too often measured … Continue reading

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I know the streets of large cities are filled with disaffected youths. I understand that their arrogance is hard to accept and harder still to deal with. I realize there’s a massive gulf between my experiences and the lives of … Continue reading

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I Should Have, But I Didn’t

Pay attention to your good fortune. More importantly, share it. Even in the difficulties you experience, you constantly learn that your fortunes are far better than they might have been. This hit home for me yesterday. I had “teeth work” done yesterday, beginning around 11:30 … Continue reading

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Singular Solutions

I once had enormous faith in the ability of science and technology to solve the monstrous problems confronting humankind.  Lately, though, my confidence has ebbed as I’ve come to acknowledge that astonishing breakthroughs in science and technology frequently come with a … Continue reading

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Privilege and Compassion: Incompatible?

I’d be very interested in getting feedback about this short PBS video from visitors to this page. What do you think about the research? Do you think financial advantage, real or fabricated, influences the way people treat others? Are rich … Continue reading

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Rage is the only reasonable response

This piece makes me so angry I could scream. I don’t begrudge the wealthy for their wealth, up to a point. But when it becomes clear that it’s ALL about their own wealth and the system within which they operate … Continue reading

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