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The Artemis Accords

A 1967 treaty holds “that the moon and other celestial bodies are exempt from national claims of ownership,” according to an article on That tidbit was included in an article about the Artemis Accords, an eight-nation international pact regarding … Continue reading

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The Majesty of the Commons: If Only

I remember reading about the “tragedy of the commons” many years ago, probably originally in a sociology class. The “tragedy” was offered as a common grazing area that, if used collectively to its best limits, would provide adequate grazing for … Continue reading

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Life After Life, An Untold Story

An unfortunate fact about life is that it does not go on forever. Rather, life does not go on long enough for some of us to learn the ultimate outcome of intriguing circumstances swirling around us. Take the novel coronavirus, … Continue reading

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Our society should reproach ourselves for failing to acknowledge that some of the lowest paid, least appreciated people are among the most indispensable. Until the COVID-19 pandemic, a long list of jobs and the people who fill them were treated, … Continue reading

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From time to time, I am surprised by the source of my own questions. This morning, for example, I asked (through Google) how Mexican per capita household annual income compares to that figure in the United States. I would not … Continue reading

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Adequately Altruistic or Acquisitive

Among other difficulties with wealth redistribution programs is the problem that involves reaching agreement on the definitions of two adjectives: “enough” and “too much.” If we could achieve collective accord on what constitutes enough and how much is too much, … Continue reading

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Rich Rich Rich

Those of you (I’m not there yet) who subscribe to Amazon Prime—or who otherwise spend your hard-earned and/or studiously saved dollars in pursuit of helping Jeff Bezos topple his latest financial record in favor of building an even greater financial … Continue reading

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BIG Ideas

The perception of technological advances allowing customers to check out their own groceries differs radically, depending on one’s perspective. From the viewpoint of the grocer, investing in such technology means an investment in profitability or, indeed, economic survival. But store … Continue reading

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Living Wages: Earned and Due

Arguments against raising the minimum wage, based purely on economic factors, ignore the reality that economies cannot exist in the absence of humanity. And humanity cannot exist in the absence of morality. Even arguing strictly on economic factors, opponents of … Continue reading

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Arguing Against Myself

I’m going to take a risk on my blog. Admittedly, anything I write here is not much of a risk because it won’t reach many people. I’ve done nothing to try to build readership and don’t intend to start now. Minimal … Continue reading

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Singular Solutions

I once had enormous faith in the ability of science and technology to solve the monstrous problems confronting humankind.  Lately, though, my confidence has ebbed as I’ve come to acknowledge that astonishing breakthroughs in science and technology frequently come with a … Continue reading

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Urban Justice

I awoke at 4:30 a.m. this morning from a frightening dream,  my heart pounding. In the dream, I was trying to catch up to my wife, who was running, far ahead of me, with a crowd of other people toward doors … Continue reading

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Grain-Fed versus Grass-Fed: A Study in Confusion

I have tired of posting about “things that matter” and have decided that, today, I will post about “something that doesn’t matter.”  (Though, in fact, it does.) And, so, I will expound on the relative merits of grass-fed beef versus … Continue reading

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It Pays to Call Foul

Tom Thumb Pharmacy reacted to my complaint about the cost of a prescription.  I had complained about paying about $75 for a 30-day supply of a prescription drug, only to find I could get a 30-day for $11 (or $28 … Continue reading

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I may be approaching adulthood

The time approaches for me to determine what I will do to reignite the economic engine.  I have enjoyed my near-year of indolence more than I can possibly say, but I have a fear of running out of money, soon, … Continue reading

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The New Malthusian Imperative

If the world’s population is allowed to grow unchecked, there will come a time when the planet cannot sustain those who inhabit it.  Simple extrapolations of population growth, coupled with measured analyses of the rate of growth in food productivity, … Continue reading

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Must We Be Subservient?

I am writing this post to try to sort out, in my own mind, an issue involving people and work.  Perhaps putting down in black and white my evolving thoughts will help me come to grips with the issue. Specifically, … Continue reading

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Residential Segregation by Income

Yesterday, my wife and I went for a drive.  It was a relatively short drive, just a few miles, but  it was as if we drove into another dimension.  Just a few miles north of where we live in north … Continue reading

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