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Entertainment and Survival

Thirty episodes over three seasons, constituting thirty hours of programming, have been released thus far of the Danish television series, Borgen. Virtually all of my television consumption for the past several weeks has revolved around Borgen, twenty-nine hours, to be … Continue reading

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The Majesty of the Commons: If Only

I remember reading about the “tragedy of the commons” many years ago, probably originally in a sociology class. The “tragedy” was offered as a common grazing area that, if used collectively to its best limits, would provide adequate grazing for … Continue reading

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I wonder at what point I would finally break. What would it take for me to risk everything including my family, my friends, and my life to achieve freedom or democracy or whatever it is you might call an environment … Continue reading

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Coger Veintidós

My first colonoscopy in a number of years will be performed this morning. I hope the exploration is uneventful. According to Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Arkansas, the procedure is covered if they find nothing, as the procedure would be considered … Continue reading

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For years, I’ve been drawn to the concept of a minimalist lifestyle.  Several years ago, I stumbled across an online video created by a young guy who designed and built tiny houses and who had created an online video series … Continue reading

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They Litter the Landscape

I once knew a guy who was, without question, very bright.  I respected his sharp wit and his ability to sell himself.  His attributes served him well in many ways.  He made a nice income and was able to convince people who mattered … Continue reading

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Black Friday

Today is Black Friday, an artificial event conceived to activate an odd emotional concoction in which an admixture of greed and generosity pulse through our collective brains, triggering impulse buying and irrational spending. According to various sources I’ve found, the term is … Continue reading

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