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What Celebration?

On Thanksgiving Day, it is not uncommon for me to write a bit about the holiday. I write either from my personal perspective or about the holiday’s emergence and evolution. Seven years ago, I wrote a rather long treatise that … Continue reading

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The Attractive Discomfort of Gatherings

I can’t seem to get my mind off Thanksgiving. We had planned on inviting my sister-in-law over for a non-traditional meal of some sort or, maybe, a restaurant meal with a non-traditional menu. But that went south when we learned … Continue reading

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From a Small Screen in the Hospital

This post will be short, but happy. Today is Thanksgiving Day and I am in the hospital, short one lobe of my right lung. I am typing this with  one finger on my Samsung smart phone and happy to be doing … Continue reading

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The Day Before Surgery

I awoke in the middle of the night and wrote the post below. Rather than post it right away, I decided to wait and see whether I’d feel differently after the remainder of a night’s sleep, assuming I could get … Continue reading

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Closer to the Cut

Yesterday, two calls from the hospital in Little Rock emphasized that this lung cancer surgery thing is really going to happen. First, a call from someone representing the anaesthesia team called to ask a lot of questions about my medical history, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Planning

I was daydreaming for a while this morning, thinking about what we might do for Thanksgiving this year. What kind of non-traditional but celebratory dinner might we prepare? But then it occurred to me that I might learn during tomorrow’s … Continue reading

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Sleepless in the Village

I went to bed just before eleven last night. So far, I haven’t fallen asleep. My wife slept a fair amount of the night, but she woke up some time after 3:00 and couldn’t get back to sleep, so she … Continue reading

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The spectacle of a sunlit morning can flush away the dark pain of lonely nights. And it has done its magic this morning. The sky is cerulean blue, the remaining leaves of the trees outside my window are brilliant orange, … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks, Even Now

Last year, on Thanksgiving day, the subject of a rant on this blog was the minimum wage. It was the second of two, in which I presented arguments—both pro and con—about increasing the minimum wage. My intent in writing the two … Continue reading

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Taking Back What We’ve Lost

Earlier today, I attended the Thanksgiving service at the Hot Springs Unitarian Universalist Church, along with my wife. Usually, we do not attend on Sunday when the “church service” is on the schedule. Instead, we attend when “insight” programs (interesting … Continue reading

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Black Friday

Today is Black Friday, an artificial event conceived to activate an odd emotional concoction in which an admixture of greed and generosity pulse through our collective brains, triggering impulse buying and irrational spending. According to various sources I’ve found, the term is … Continue reading

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Living Wages: Earned and Due

Arguments against raising the minimum wage, based purely on economic factors, ignore the reality that economies cannot exist in the absence of humanity. And humanity cannot exist in the absence of morality. Even arguing strictly on economic factors, opponents of … Continue reading

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Last year on Thanksgiving Day, I posted a lengthy piece about Thanksgiving, explaining what I’d learned about the genesis and evolution of the holiday. I found the history of the holiday and its traditions quite interesting. And I mentioned that, … Continue reading

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Good Fortune

Some days, I have to kick myself for failing to adequately appreciate how incredibly fortunate I am. Today is not one of those days. Today, for reasons too convoluted to go into in a short blog post, the breadth and … Continue reading

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About Thanksgiving…

Very probably, the majority of those who celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the United States identify it as a day to reflect on and give thanks or express appreciation for all the goodness and bounty in their lives, from their family … Continue reading

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