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Self-Made Dilemma

A week ago, I wrote about what I called an epiphany. I’ve been thinking about it (the epiphany, not what I wrote about it) ever since. During the course of my contemplation, I’ve stumbled across a number of questions that … Continue reading

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Dog Chow Diner

I am revisiting an idea I first wrote about several years ago. Whether I am really interested in executing the idea or simply would like to see it executed remains unclear to me. Regardless, I continue to fiddle with it, … Continue reading

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Living Wages: Earned and Due

Arguments against raising the minimum wage, based purely on economic factors, ignore the reality that economies cannot exist in the absence of humanity. And humanity cannot exist in the absence of morality. Even arguing strictly on economic factors, opponents of … Continue reading

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Pricing Workers Out of Jobs

Many arguments I’ve heard—and made—about raising the minimum wage rely on the presumption that anyone working a full-time job should be rewarded, at a minimum, with sufficient compensation to enable her to feed and house her family. The argument, at its … Continue reading

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Arguing Against Myself

I’m going to take a risk on my blog. Admittedly, anything I write here is not much of a risk because it won’t reach many people. I’ve done nothing to try to build readership and don’t intend to start now. Minimal … Continue reading

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Complacency and Risk

I recently read an article I wrote more than seven years ago, warning of the dangers of complacency.  The article dealt with complacency of businesses and the effects thereof, but the arguments apply as well to individuals and organizations. I wrote … Continue reading

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Compressing Time and Capabilities

Yesterday, as my wife and her sister and I drove to Little Rock for a relaxing day of bumming around, we passed signs of road work.  Dozens, if not hundreds, of traffic cones, highway construction warning signs, and “narrow lanes … Continue reading

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Benefit Corporations

Yesterday, I stopped in a large bookstore in Hot Springs and browsed a bit. The selection of magazines was extensive, covering an enormous array of topics from music to archery and quilting to mathematics. I skimmed a few but settled … Continue reading

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