French Kangaroo

The French KangarooI call our home and especially its kitchen The French Kangaroo. Some people might consider me odd for naming my house in such a way.  Those same people might consider it odd that I commissioned my very talented, highly artistic nephew to create a signature graphic for The French Kangaroo.  I will not denigrate those people for their lack of creativity and imagination.  I will simply let them see what they’re missing. Here are just a few of the delicacies we enjoy at The French Kangaroo:

Beans with Sriracha and Greek YogurtGrilled NY Strip Zucchini Jalaps Onions etcFried Egg with Chile Peach slices green grapesSalmon CharmulaSmoked Turkey Potatoes Au Gratin Etc

Kippered Herring with Siraracha and Jalapeño Paste

Stuffed Bell Pepper and Acorn Squash





Sardines atop a spinach and tomato and green onion salad, with a mayo/Sriracha/redWineVinegar aioli

Smoked brisket

Seared scallops atop risotto and spinach

Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon


Chicken tikka masala

Pumpernickel, tomatoes, jalapenos, avocado slices, grey poupon mustard. OMG!
Strawberries, mangos, blueberries, cantaloupe & mangos

Remains after a clam dinner

Home made pizza

Healthy salad with chunks of canned salmon

Bread, cheeses, fruit, some olives, wine & required reading

Dosa for breakfast

Roasted cauliflower with pesto sauce

Indian-inspired vegetarian soup/stew

A large sampling of tapas, served with dry sherry

Salt fish and ackee breakfast

Okra & Tomatoes and Chard Prime rib roast, roasted potatoes, green beans, Greek salad, and creamed horseradish