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Was It a Bad Choice?

My wife’s first evening in her new temporary home (a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility) did not have a pleasant start. Once she was situated in her room, she did not see anyone for several hours, even after pressing her … Continue reading

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Trying Times

The past several weeks—approaching a month, now—have seemed impossibly long to me. That span of time must have seemed far longer for my wife. Since she tripped on July 14, she has been poked and prodded and exposed to X-rays … Continue reading

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Love is the Richest Emotion

I love you. You know who you are. I could listen to your voice for hours if you’d let me. And I suppose you would. But what reason could I give for wanting to hear it? What excuse could I … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Love

I find it hard to say “I love you” to most people for whom I feel that emotion (or something like it). The church I joined a couple of years ago, after being not only churchless but actively anti-church and … Continue reading

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I hear it often: “If a person doesn’t love himself, first, he can’t love others.” Frequently, that sentiment is followed by “And if he can’t love himself, no one else can love him, either.” If that’s true, a person who … Continue reading

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Musings on Marriage

Today is our thirty-ninth anniversary. Despite my remarkably flawed personality, she has opted to tough it out all these years. Based on the experience so far, I guess our marriage is going to last. And I’m very glad and grateful … Continue reading

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Mom’s Birthday

My mother was forty-five years old when I, the sixth child, was born. I cannot even imagine the stresses she must have endured, rearing six children from birth through young adulthood. Each of us required at least eighteen years of … Continue reading

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Seven Lonely Birthdays

Seven now. Seven of her birthdays without her present to celebrate. My oldest sister died in 2010, just about three months after her November 2, 2009 birthday. On the day she died—Friday, February 19, 2010—I wrote a tribute on the blog I … Continue reading

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The shriveled old women and wizened old men—sitting alone in wheel chairs and recliners in a large, airy room—look upset. They have reason to be angry. Trapped in uncooperative bodies, they are forced to live in a prison for the weak … Continue reading

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Love and Compassion

I subscribe to Zen Habits,a blog dealing with “living in the moment” and being content with, and productive in, one’s life. Recently, a post reminded me that people tend to define themselves by what they do, what other people think of … Continue reading

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Love Beyond Convenience

I have written plenty of drivel in my blogging career, but I’ve written some things I’m proud to have written. The following piece still rings true to me today, four years after having posted it on another of my blogs, one … Continue reading

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Creative Cookery

One of the many things I love about mi esposa hermosa is that she is creative in ways that surprise me and that encourage my own creativity.  Yesterday, as we discussed what we might do with the awaze paste I made, she … Continue reading

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The Technology of Caring and Social Change

Sometimes, I question the value of Facebook, thinking with some degree of certainty that it is simply a narcissism-fueled vehicle, hurling its cargo toward self-inflicted ego implosion. But then, every once in a while, I see evidence that the technology and foundation … Continue reading

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Another Lover, Same Story

So many definitions of love, such a vast array of wildly disparate  viewpoints of an emotion; yet people seem to have stunningly similar, deeply intimate perspectives on the emotion that feeds on intimacy. I have fallen in love again, for perhaps the thousandth time, but … Continue reading

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Learning About the Past

One result of the recent visit by friends from the early years of our marriage was a jarring of our memories.  During conversations about our mutual histories, our friends mentioned the name of the man who joined my wife and … Continue reading

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May 11: Thoughts for the Day

I’ve seen the protective shields that mothers—not all mothers, but most—place around their children.  Those shields can be penetrated by rocks and stones, but only enough to harden the child against future attacks.  Those maternal shields deflect the most damaging assaults. I suppose … Continue reading

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Mardella was my sister-in-law’s mother-in-law.  She was sharp-witted, funny, and a joy to be around.  In spite of the fact that her eyes were failing and her hearing wasn’t what it used to be, she had a wicked sense of … Continue reading

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Good Fortune

Some days, I have to kick myself for failing to adequately appreciate how incredibly fortunate I am. Today is not one of those days. Today, for reasons too convoluted to go into in a short blog post, the breadth and … Continue reading

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Today is the fourth anniversary of the death of my sister, Mary Eleanor, who her brothers and sister and nieces and nephews and many of her friends called Melnor or Mimi.  I suppose I always will  miss her; it’s only natural. … Continue reading

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Holiday Meal Extraordinaire

We had every good intention of having Christmas dinner on Christmas day. But a big midday meal of tamales and chile con queso, for the second day in a row, coupled with my wife’s tendency to enjoy her long afternoon … Continue reading

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Thunder and Conversations

I sit home this evening, listening to the rain and watching the flashes of lightning punctuate the night sky with their explosive claps of thunder, followed by rolling growls that seem to shake the foundation of the earth as they go … Continue reading

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Life has texture, just as linen and pebbles have texture.  But we feel it differently from the way we feel other, less existential, textures.  What feels smooth and comforting to one may feel coarse and confining to someone else.  There’s … Continue reading

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Unexpected Attachments

A person can get tied to a place during the course of lifetime.  For some, the attachment can happen gradually, like the slow-growing roots of an oak tree gripping the soil and rocks beneath so tightly nothing can uproot it. … Continue reading

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Don’t Wait for God

We all learn and appreciate and applaud important messages we read and hear.  But do they change our lives?  Do we change our behaviors because a message really hits home with us?  For some, yes.  For others, no.  Something I … Continue reading

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The Lost Year, Found

This year, 2012, hasn’t turned out quite the way I envisioned.  Though I don’t regret spending my time as I have these past twelve months, the year wasn’t what I pictured when it started.  I didn’t completely rekindle my entrepreneurial … Continue reading

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