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Lightening the Page

I haven’t posted here in a week. That’s a bad habit, one I need to break. It’s easy to get into the habit of resting my fingers and my mind, leaving writing until later. I’ll pledge to myself to insist … Continue reading

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An Old Coder Emerges from the Damp

Today was horribly humid and, until a short while ago, quite warm. I had no interest in being outdoors, except to run pick up mail at the post office and get some groceries. The remainder of the day, I occupied … Continue reading

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Mistakes Were Made

I don’t know whether to be angry at WordPress for losing what I wrote before I was able to save it or at my computer for contributing to the loss. Or, perhaps, at myself for being lazy and relying on … Continue reading

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Disconnected by a Thread

It appears my wifi service is down, so I am forced to rely on ATT for access to the Internet on my smart phone. I cannot type fast enough on this tiny keyboard to enable my thoughts to spill out … Continue reading

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Twenty-First Century Technology

While sitting at my desk listening to a storm rage outside, I went online to see what else is happening in the world and learned that a tornado flattened a gymnastics studio and destroyed a trailer park in a Tulsa, … Continue reading

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Neighborly Technology

We recently initiated an online community for a large chunk of the western part of Hot Springs Village.  Using a commercial website called Nextdoor, we went through the process of defining the territory we wanted to cover, then slowly began … Continue reading

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An Infusion of Knowledge

Though I didn’t learn a lot about birds during yesterday’s birding workshop (and we didn’t go out bird watching, thanks to the weather), I learned a lot.  So, in lieu of an attempt at writing a creative post, I’ll record here … Continue reading

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Practical Magic

Every so often I come across a bit of software or technology or related online magic that captures my interest to such an extent that I drop virtually everything else I’m doing and focus on learning more about it.  Lately, “every so … Continue reading

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The Technology of Caring and Social Change

Sometimes, I question the value of Facebook, thinking with some degree of certainty that it is simply a narcissism-fueled vehicle, hurling its cargo toward self-inflicted ego implosion. But then, every once in a while, I see evidence that the technology and foundation … Continue reading

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Off-Color Fantasies

When I visit a hardware store or a paint store or a big box all-in-one home store, almost invariably I gravitate toward the dozens or hundreds or even thousands of paint samples. I like colors.  Even colors I don’t like attract … Continue reading

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Technological Paranoia

My attorney in Texas uses an AOL email address.  He has used the same address for years.  While an AOL address does not scream “I track with technology trends,” it has, heretofore, been a reliable way to contact him. Until recently. … Continue reading

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Daisy in Chains

It came out of nowhere.  I was sitting in Janine’s study, chatting with her about making an exchange at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  We had purchased a shower caddy last week and discovered it was too long; hanging from the … Continue reading

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