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Transforming the Way We Relate

Last night, I posted a comment and question on Facebook: “Let’s have a long distance happy hour soon. Wine (or tequila or bourbon or…) and munchies via Zoom! Say when, people! Tomorrow?” Nine people initially responded in the affirmative; an … Continue reading

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Love Letters

I tend to keep personal letters I receive in the mail, whether handwritten or typewritten. Maybe my practice is driven by their rarity. Or perhaps they offer evidence someone thought I was worth the time and energy required to write … Continue reading

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Lightening the Page

I haven’t posted here in a week. That’s a bad habit, one I need to break. It’s easy to get into the habit of resting my fingers and my mind, leaving writing until later. I’ll pledge to myself to insist … Continue reading

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In Disgusted Defense of Ann Coulter’s Right to Speak

As I read news of the cancellation, reinstatement, and subsequent cancellation of Anne Coulter’s speech at the University of California at Berkeley, I question the intelligence of the people who violently oppose the her speech. Do those people not understand … Continue reading

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Reflecting on What’s to Come

Let me preface my comments with these words: I absolutely despise Donald Trump; I believe he is a despicable human being whose rise to the Presidency cannot be explained entirely with logic. How a madman with the capacity to undermine … Continue reading

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Courageous Conversations

I’ve accepted an invitation to be a guest host on a web and telephone conference call/conversation on August 21 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern time. The program, a component of a series entitled “Courageous Conversations About Education,” will last two hours. … Continue reading

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Face-to-Face Bloggery

Let’s see, now, I’ve met, face-to-face, several people through social media. Teresa. Robin and Roger. Tara. Juan. Kathy. Kathy. Cari.  Soon, I’ll meet another, Holly. In spite of my occasional rants about how social media tends to be a vacuum … Continue reading

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Curious Questions and Answers

Loneliness and solitude are different beasts. Solitude is invigorating time alone with my thoughts to keep me company. I enjoy my solitude. I seek my solitude. Loneliness is a lack of connection in a room full of people with whom I share … Continue reading

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In the process of sorting through masses of paper during the course of our move from Dallas to Hot Springs Village, I came across some interesting historical materials.  I found copies of articles (the “executive director’s messages”) I wrote for … Continue reading

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I love to engage in conversation.  Not chit-chat, not gossip, not mundane chatter, but real conversation.  Real conversations delve into topics that require questions and answers and discussion and even debate. Real conversations explore who we are and who we … Continue reading

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What Odds are being Offered by the Facebookie?

I’ve made the decision before, more than once.  The decision to abandon Facebook, that is. I suppose the most significant aspect of deciding to leave Facebook is facing the reality that my social life is almost entirely electronic.  And by … Continue reading

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Dropping In

In a post yesterday morning, I included a link to a review of a book entitled The Lonely American. Some of the content of that review has stayed on my mind. Specifically, this comment has been on my mind: “neighbors are afraid … Continue reading

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“Resting” Face

I think I may have discovered why some people automatically assume I’m pissed off, unfriendly, or downright dangerous.

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Mood Altering Experiences

I’m sometimes surprised at the extent to which my mood can change, sometimes dramatically, in response to external stimuli.  My outlook can plummet toward depression if I read a news article, for example, that reports a beating victim’s cries for … Continue reading

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About Facebook

A few people have asked me why I shut down my Facebook account and whether I’ll be back. I’ve explained to them, a few of them at least, that my reasons for leaving were many, but the real trigger for … Continue reading

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