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Swerving into Philosophy

I woke up late this morning, sometime around 6:45. The fact that I was awakened in the middle of the night probably contributed to my late rising. Or maybe I was just tired and needed more sleep than normal. Whatever … Continue reading

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When Whiskey Advocate came in yesterday’s mail, I was puzzled about why I received it but pleased to have found it in my mailbox. It wasn’t long before it occurred to me that I traded DeltaMiles for the subscription (there’s … Continue reading

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Not Everything, But Something

Yesterday afternoon, I met with a woman to discuss a church-managed program that provides a technological resource to impoverished kids. The kind of resource isn’t important to this post. What is important is what I learned from the conversation. The … Continue reading

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Dammit, In Two or More Parts

It has always been so: because I tend to want to please people, my answer to requests is more often “yes” than “no.” The foundation of this need to please is beyond me; people generally do no reciprocate, nor do … Continue reading

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Heifer Ranch

I visited Heifer Ranch a couple of days ago. The visit, one of many periodic events orchestrated by the social committee of UUVC, was meant to accomplish two aims, I think. The first was to encourage more social interaction, outside … Continue reading

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Meandering Mind with Punctuational Affliction

Notre-Dame de Paris burned yesterday. As I viewed television images of Parisians and others singing while the iconic building burned, I thought of the immeasurable number of people who must have worked to build the structure over a two hundred … Continue reading

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We Actually Joined a Church

I joined a church yesterday. I’ve lived my entire life up to this point being “unchurched.” I have never wanted to join a church because…well, for a lot of reasons. First and foremost, I suppose, was the dogma, the creed, … Continue reading

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Physics, Philosophy, Phiction, Phriends, and Phiery Phood

Michio Kaku labels himself, and is labeled by his media adherents, as a “theoretical physicist, futurist, and popularizer of science.” From time to time, I see his name or his image, but I haven’t paid much attention. Kaku apparently is … Continue reading

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Lightening the Page

I haven’t posted here in a week. That’s a bad habit, one I need to break. It’s easy to get into the habit of resting my fingers and my mind, leaving writing until later. I’ll pledge to myself to insist … Continue reading

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Unity is an Appealing Objective

People who attend the church (I really wish there was another name for it; I have issues with calling it a church) that I’ve been visiting periodically tell me they, and the church, are viewed in deeply unfavorable ways by … Continue reading

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I Do Not Like the Term “Church”

I just watched a program on television entitled, “Ten Towns that Changed America.” That was a mistake. Now, I’m absolutely fired up about returning to school to pursue an education in urban planning.  Did I ever tell the blogosphere that … Continue reading

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Make Me One with Everything

Before today, the last time I attended a church service was on June 1, 2014. We visited the Unitarian Universalist Village Church (UUVC) on that day to hear “Being Good Without God: Coming Out as a Humanist.” I enjoyed the program. … Continue reading

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Getting “Religion”

Get ready to be surprised, flabbergasted, astonished, and amazed. I went to church today.  No, really.  Not for a wedding or a funeral, but for a Sunday service. An article in last week’s Hot Springs Village Voice newspaper included an … Continue reading

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