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Kiwi Dreaming

I found myself sitting at a long table in a New Zealand restaurant. The menu was a confusing patchwork of dishes I did not recognize, presented in haphazard fashion. Different fonts were used on different sections of the menu, but … Continue reading

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Swerving into Philosophy

I woke up late this morning, sometime around 6:45. The fact that I was awakened in the middle of the night probably contributed to my late rising. Or maybe I was just tired and needed more sleep than normal. Whatever … Continue reading

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Throwing Eight-Balls at Apartment Walls

One of the synonyms for ‘dream’ is ‘vision.’ A bad dream is a nightmare. As people get older, they complain of a loss of night vision. But is ‘nightmare’ actually a euphemism for a decline in visual acuity in low … Continue reading

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A Diverse Dreamworld

Achieving cultural diversity is much deeper and more complex than mixing skin colors, languages, and customs. Real diversity is attained by blending every element of different societies, yet maintaining the uniqueness of each component. It consists of embedding an understanding … Continue reading

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Camping in Tennessee with Cari

The intricate complexities of dreams challenge the brain’s ability to process information. The dream from which I awoke this morning confirmed my assessment; dreams ignore impossibilities and cast aside conflicting experiences as if fact and fiction have no place in … Continue reading

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The Diagnosis

I was shocked by the prognosis; even more surprised that it was delivered in such a matter-of-fact way, utterly without emotion. The doctor explained that the persistent cough I had been experiencing was symptomatic of an unusual form of lung … Continue reading

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Sharing Ideas and Experiences and Droning On

One of the many benefits of writing stream-of-consciousness blogs (or diaries or daily journals or any other form in which one’s thoughts are recorded for access in the future) is the ease of retrieving what was on one’s mind at … Continue reading

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Precursor to a Kiss

I am convinced that, during the fugue state between rousing from a deep sleep and becoming aware of one’s wakefulness, there is a period that can last, figuratively, for days. Let me explain by example. A few weeks ago, as … Continue reading

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Smoking Cats

Last night’s dream was utterly bizarre. I’ll document what I can while the memory is reasonably fresh. My friend, Jim from Dallas was to smoke a brisket for a large gathering. This gathering was to be held at a house … Continue reading

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Subversive Subconscious

My vivid dreamery outdid itself last night, offering up two utterly bizarre experiences in a single evening of sleep. The first dream started with my oldest brother taking me to his storage unit somewhere in Australia (my brother lives in … Continue reading

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Lost Among Serpents and other Reptiles

A bizarre merger of odd dreams into a nightmare A young woman from Australia, who worked for my company years ago, was visiting. We were in someone else’s house. I remember windows looking down on a street below. And I … Continue reading

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Strange Dream

This  morning, just before I woke (late, by the way), I was having a bizarre dream. I’ll try to document all I can remember. I was attending a large daytime party, mostly outdoors. Only three people I knew were there, … Continue reading

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Last night comprised a flurry of ugly dreams, all tangled in a ball of razor wire twine amid constraints as confining as a straight-jacket. I remember the fuzzy details of only one of the night’s experiential horrors. I was walking along a … Continue reading

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I couldn’t shake the dregs of the dream off my mind. It was as if they were clinging to the ridges in my brain like dried food clings to a skillet left too long on a hot burner. So I’ve … Continue reading

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Tangled Dreamworks

I had a series of bizarre dreams last night. In one, my friend who bought my old pickup from me came to visit. In the dream, I lived in an old mid-century bungalow in a sad state of disrepair. In … Continue reading

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An Only Slightly Augmented Retelling of a Dream

My wife and I stood in the kitchen, working on a nondescript breakfast. Working in an unfamiliar kitchen, we chopped vegetables and cracked eggs. After washing my hands, I went into the back yard, where I dug three enormously deep holes … Continue reading

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Ugly Weather and Odd Dreams

Another bizarre dream. I wrote the words below the moment I woke up this morning to capture everything I could from the dream that awoke me. I think it’s all part of the same dream, but I can’t be sure. … Continue reading

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Double-Wake Dream-Dream

Last night’s fitful sleep didn’t come until well after midnight, despite going to bed around ten. And, then, I was awake with a sinus-induced coughing fit around 1:00 a.m. Later, at 3:00, I was awake again for a bit. But … Continue reading

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Dreams Tell Incoherent Stories

My dreams last night or early this morning were long and tangled. At one point, I was inside a mall, listening to someone (an architect I think) tell me about expansive plans to refurbish the place, turning it into an … Continue reading

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I Dreamed of Michael Dell

I don’t have the first clue what Michael Dell and his wife might look like. That notwithstanding, they were in my dreams last night. Michael gave me a check for $10,000 to buy some plastic materials I needed to promote … Continue reading

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Who’s the Bad Guy?

My dream last night was frustrating and upsetting and hopeless. Asked to make a presentation on association marketing to an organization in Chicago, I had prepared an hour-long presentation. Thinking I had plenty of time before the presentation, I took … Continue reading

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Vacation Coming to a Close

So many things left unseen, undone, unexperienced. That’s how vacations go, isn’t it? The energy required to see all the sights, go to all the places on the list of “must sees,” and explore all the places heretofore unseen is … Continue reading

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Psyched, Somehow

It’s just after 4:30 as I begin writing this. I’ve been up for more than an hour, yet I’m still on my first cup of coffee. Sometimes, I measure my acceptance of the day by the coffee I consume, but … Continue reading

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Uncomfortable Places

Another dream, this one odd and troubling (like so many others). I was a passenger in the back seat of a small SUV driven by a friend. Another person who I don’t think I know was in the front passenger … Continue reading

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Stormy Dream

Sometime between four o’clock, the last time I looked at the clock before getting up, and five o’clock, when I got up, I had a strange dream. I was with someone, I don’t know who,looking out a huge plate-glass window … Continue reading

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