Ugly Weather and Odd Dreams

Another bizarre dream. I wrote the words below the moment I woke up this morning to capture everything I could from the dream that awoke me. I think it’s all part of the same dream, but I can’t be sure. It makes no sense to me, whatsoever, but my memory of most of the dream was vivid when I wrote it.

I gave a friend a ride to the vet, but when we got there she seemed to have forgotten her dog. I offered to take her back to her house to get the dog, but suddenly she felt her purse fidget and heard her dog bark; it was inside her purse. She gave her dog to the attendant and we left to walk to a nearby grocery store; somehow, I no longer had my car.

On the way, we came upon a woman I worked with in my first association job, when I was about twenty-five years old; in the dream, she looked the way she looked when I knew her. She kissed me, a long and deep kiss, and wrapped her arms around me and repeatedly thrust her hips at me. Another two or three people joined us as we continued to walk. We crossed a very busy street and entered a grocery store, where we met my wife and several of her friends, who were just about to leave. My wife said if I wanted a ride home, I should call her. They left.

As I wandered through the produce section of the store, I realized the people I had been with were no longer with me. I began to look for them when a commotion at the front doors caught my attention. Workers were frantically bringing in shopping carts and taking down displays on the walk in front of the store. I looked outside and saw that the grocery store was at one end of a mall. Similar commotions were taking place outside entries to the mall and, next door, at the entrance to a restaurant. I went outside and looked skyward and, in the distance, saw a massive rotating swirl of clouds, very high in the sky. The swirl did not look like a tornado. Rather, it was a flat disk of thin, cirrus-cloud-like strips in multiple pastel colors, rotating at incredible speed. Suddenly, crowds of people began rushing past me, trying to get into the restaurant and the grocery store, but they were being turned away. I saw panic in the faces of the people trying to enter.

I heard the voices of one of my walking companions, “You better get out of here, it’s going to get bad!” Then she rushed past me toward the end of the grocery store. A crowd of other people followed. Rain began to fall, heavier than I’ve ever experienced. The rain was coming down with such force and the raindrops were so closely spaced that I found it hard to breathe. I turned and followed the crowd.

I reached a set of steps that went down to a street below, but water flooded the street. Cars floated by at high speed, bobbing wildly in the stream. Across the street was a fire station, where a large crowd gathered in one of the fire engine bays. Looking around to find a way to cross over, I saw that there was a wide ledge on the building I had just left. I climbed up to the ledge and inched my way along until I reached a raised pedestrian bridge. The bridge, constructed of steel framing, had a heavy wire mesh walking surface and sides. By the time I got to the bridge, water had risen almost to the walking surface. As I ran across the bridge, which seemed much wider as I was crossing than it did when I first saw it, I heard people screaming. “Hurry, a car’s coming!” I looked to my right and saw car careening toward me, floating at an angle to the bridge. I ran as fast as I could, water spraying in my face from below and above. I made it to a landing on the other side just as the car hit the bridge, ripping it from the landing on both sides of the street. It disappeared into the flood below.

I finally made it inside the fire station and followed the crowd through the back, into what looked like a locker room with private stalls, like a public restroom. The crowd got larger and the room filled with people pressed against one another. Just then, I noticed I had an iron, the kind used to press clothes, in my hand; it was hot. And then, I woke up.


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