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Psychic Anesthesia

Psychologists may have a word or a phrase to describe the state of mind—perhaps ‘longing’ is more apt—but I do not know what that word or phrase might be. The longing, if that’s what it is, is a desire to … Continue reading

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A Diverse Dreamworld

Achieving cultural diversity is much deeper and more complex than mixing skin colors, languages, and customs. Real diversity is attained by blending every element of different societies, yet maintaining the uniqueness of each component. It consists of embedding an understanding … Continue reading

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My Children

Until last night, I’d never thought of what my child might have been like, had I fathered children. I’d never even thought about the “what if” before. Whether a daughter or a son, I’d never considered another human being carrying … Continue reading

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Sharing Ideas and Experiences and Droning On

One of the many benefits of writing stream-of-consciousness blogs (or diaries or daily journals or any other form in which one’s thoughts are recorded for access in the future) is the ease of retrieving what was on one’s mind at … Continue reading

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Just a Dream

I have a vision. It is that Donald Trump flies to Tehran on Air Force One and is met by a gaggle of people he assumes are U.S. diplomatic employees, anxious to welcome him as he resumes full diplomatic ties with … Continue reading

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This post is number 2260, hence the title. Why didn’t I call attention to a more “rational” number, like 2250? Frankly, I did not notice. Why I noticed that my last post was number 2259, I have no idea. But … Continue reading

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I went to sleep last night in a different country. I awoke this morning in this one. This country, in which wolves are hunted for their feet; chopped off and hung from belts as talismans to fend against demonic marauders. … Continue reading

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Becoming Canadian

I could be persuaded to move into this house. Really, I could. Click on the image and you’ll be taken to a website that describes the place and the small town where it’s located, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. I’ve never … Continue reading

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Call Me Captain

First, let me tell you what is on my plate. From the left, going clockwise, we have cucumber spears, halved radishes, extra sharp white cheddar cheese, smoked clams, and sliced tomatoes. I’ve touched up the cucumber spears with Tajín, the … Continue reading

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