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Paying for One’s Sins

I would have shared this on Facebook, but I suspect it would be offensive to some people who don’t share my sacrilegious sense of humor. I almost sprayed coffee through my nose while I watched this video. I may actually … Continue reading

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Fools and Poetry

My April Fool’s post on Facebook yesterday was too obvious. It fooled no one, at least not for long. Here is a gently edited version: If I hadn’t seen the court papers myself, I never would have believed it. But … Continue reading

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Maggie’s Birthday Story as Told by the Son Barack Obama Didn’t Know He Had

Around two months ago, a post I wrote focused almost exclusively on a woman I dated once while I was a young, inexperienced kid. I have only a slightly greater reason to write about her today than I did two … Continue reading

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Another Ode to Edward

A year ago this past June, I wrote an “Ode to Edward Gorey,” which was in reality a poorly-done knock-off of his The Gashlycrumb Tinies, which I’ve always just loved. My sense of humor is admittedly macabre. Well, I wrote another, … Continue reading

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Guilt by Reason of Aforethought

This may seem like I’m stereotyping. Okay, I’m stereotyping. I’ll admit that up front, before the reader gets to that point at which I am clearly stereotyping. So, there will be no condemnation of the fact that I’m unwittingly stereotyping … Continue reading

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Piano Man

This crude, but clever, joke will find its way into my fiction writing some day, in one form or another. I’m not much of a humor writer, but this might be the perfect vignette to set the stage for a … Continue reading

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Social Evenings Can Change Dull to Dynamic

This evening, my wife and I attended the second Wines of the World dinner organized by the manager of the Coronado Center, a venue operated by our property owners association. The first event, focusing on the food and wine of … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Demise

A little post-Valentine’s Day whimsical satire… ‘Twas the day after V-Day, smelling chocolate and honey. Most wallets were empty, yet we kept spending money. Credit cards maxed out, with creditors waiting, to be paid with our gluttony and our bad … Continue reading

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Writers’ Retreat

It won’t be long before I depart Hot Springs Village with three friends and colleagues for a three-day experiment in productivity. We’re driving to Eureka Springs to spend three days and nights at The Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow in … Continue reading

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¿Son Otras Inquisiciones?

A year or so ago, I revived an old idea of mine, one I had conceived years ago. I had not acted upon the idea because the cost to do so was beyond my financial means at the time. But the … Continue reading

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Curious but Meaningless

This is day number 22,454 of my life, which means I was born 3207 weeks and 5 days ago. I’ve experienced fifteen leap years in my life. I’ve experienced just a shade more than 738 months. I was born on a Wednesday … Continue reading

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The Best Medical Care in the World

Among the many arguments against nationalized medicine is the suggestion that our “best medical care in the world” would suffer under nationalization.  Immediately following the assertion that nationalization would be an abysmal affront to humanity and would lead to long delays … Continue reading

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Father Google and the Dilemma of Cilantro

It occurred to me yesterday afternoon that some people may have had the same experience I’ve had with cilantro. Maybe both some of the people who read this blog have had a similar experience with cilantro.  If so, I’m here … Continue reading

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The Offender

Dogs like Amish jalapeño jack cheese.  All right, I’ve made a blanket statement that may not be true.  One dog, in particular, likes Amish jalapeño jack cheese. Last night, we had dinner with friends.  She cooked wonderful German pork chops … Continue reading

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Interview Questions

Questions to avoid asking during an interview: Do you have a policy on missing work for communications with a hostage negotiator? Are employees who drive to work permitted to sleep at the office if they get too drunk after work to drive … Continue reading

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Uncool. Yeah, that’s the way I roll.

I take pleasure in knowing that I enjoy certain things that have outlived their brief periods of being cool.  Is it perverse pleasure?  I don’t know.  You tell me. Here is what I am hearing about the now out-of-vogue stuff … Continue reading

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“Resting” Face

I think I may have discovered why some people automatically assume I’m pissed off, unfriendly, or downright dangerous.

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I Forgot I Didn’t Have Amnesia…But…the Dream

UPDATE: After my wife woke up, I told her about what I had written. Her memory is better than mine.  My comments at the end reflect the original version; the revised and corrected information in the body of the post … Continue reading

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