Valentine’s Day Demise

A little post-Valentine’s Day whimsical satire…

‘Twas the day after V-Day, smelling chocolate and honey.
Most wallets were empty, yet we kept spending money.

Credit cards maxed out, with creditors waiting,
to be paid with our gluttony and our bad credit rating.

The merchants were smiling, the self-assured scum,
They’d lied about discounts, with more lies to come.

Grinning and laughing, with a glance and a smirk,
they sold all their chocolates and roses at work,

When out in the country came a collective loud scream,
the people were rising up, or was this just a dream?

I turned on the TV to learn of the news,
ah no, it was nothing, just anchors airing their views.

But I heard someone shouting, driving by in a car,
saying people were tired and opposing the war.

What war, I asked, as I slipped on my glove,
“that war,” they answered, “equating money with love.”

“They’re tricking us, see. If we don’t incur enough cost,
they say we don’t love our spouses, and our marriage is lost.”

The merchants assembled, they gathered their tribes
to fight the rebellion against “no flowers, no bribes.”

That set Hallmarkers plotting how to protect the crown
They’d shove critics in water, hoping they’d drown.

They said it was legal, that they had every right.
They’d checked in at Justice, they’d locked it up tight.

But some people had questions; and my spouse wasn’t sure
about merchants’ intentions, whether their motives were pure.

We acted right quickly, with aplomb and good speed
to capture Cupid and try him, put an end to his deed.

Too bad and a shame it had taken so long
For the Valentine worshippers to see they were wrong.

But finally it happened, thank goodness I was still alive,
to see the impeachment of Cupid in 2025.

About John Swinburn

"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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