The Best Medical Care in the World

Among the many arguments against nationalized medicine is the suggestion that our “best medical care in the world” would suffer under nationalization.  Immediately following the assertion that nationalization would be an abysmal affront to humanity and would lead to long delays in getting to see a doctor, “like is the case in Canada.”  Uh huh.  Canadians have notoriously poor health care.  I mean, a lot of Canadians DIE every year!  Seriously!  Yeah, unlike in the U.S., where almost nobody dies.  In Canada, all death certificates are pre-printed with “Cause of death: nationalized healthcare.”

Today, I finally got around to calling to get a doctor’s appointment. And I got one.  The first available appointment for new patients: the end of July. The best medical care in the world. If you can get it. Hah!


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  1. Holly Forrest says:

    Call around some more and see if you can be seen earlier by another provider. Also ask to be put on a wait list in case of cancellations. It sounded like you had some concerns. Did you emphasize them or downplay ’em when you rang? The squeaky wheel gets the grease, Swinburn.

    One of these days we should talk about nationalized health care. So many stories about this, dunno even where to start. Let’s just say when we lived in Ireland, we were impressed.

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