Father Google and the Dilemma of Cilantro

It occurred to me yesterday afternoon that some people may have had the same experience I’ve had with cilantro. Maybe both some of the people who read this blog have had a similar experience with cilantro.  If so, I’m here to  help.

For years, if I didn’t immediately use all the cilantro I bought, I’d find a slimy mess in my refrigerator a few days later. Some times, it was the remains of the footman or the village blacksmith or the old man who snored so loud in the house next door. Usually, though, it was the cilantro.

I hated discarding the cilantro because, if truth be known, I was in love with the flavor. Why, I asked myself, after putting my cilantro in a plastic bag in my vegetable crisper in the refrigerator, did it go bad in short order?  Actually,  my question was “why doesn’t this stuff last longer…what can I do differently?”  A year or two ago, I prayed to Father Google for a miracle. He delivered.

Father Google told me to put the stems of my cilantro into a glass of water—just the stems—and then cover the entire glass with a plastic bag.  Then, put the bag in the refrigerator. Every two or three days, Father Google said, replace the water in the glass with fresh water.  HOT DAMN! Hallelujah!  Ever since I started following Father Google’s Gospel of Cilantro Salvation, my cilantro has lasted WELL over a week in the refrigerator.  I think I’ve had some that stayed fresh and useful for two weeks.

And there, my friends, is proof-positive that prayer, when offered to the appropriate deity, works!

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2 Responses to Father Google and the Dilemma of Cilantro

  1. Ha! I love it, Millie!

  2. Millie says:

    Thank you for your thymely advice. I have been parsleying it. You are a sage.
    Your friend,
    Rosemary (who is still laughing)

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