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A Shot of Youth

The surprising experiences of one’s youth, suddenly reinserting themselves sixty-five years in, take one’s breath away. Just last night, one of those remarkable experiences both startled and stunned me, yet left me delighted. I awoke in the darkest part of … Continue reading

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Autos and the Population Density of Vultures

I have, for years, wondered whether the advent of automobiles and the roads to carry them contribute to the population of vultures and other carrion-eaters. This question emerges from observations of vast numbers of corpses of dead animals killed by … Continue reading

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Speaking of Trees

I’ve begun reading The Secret Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate, by Peter Wohlleben. In the foreword to the book, Tim Flannery suggests the reason many people fail to understand trees is that humans live our lives on … Continue reading

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Encroaching Nature

The raccoon is at it again. He/she or they are indulging their taste for sugar-water by robbing the hummingbird feeders. One time before, when this happened, I borrowed a neighbor’s live trap, nailed the beast, and released the offender in the distant forest. … Continue reading

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Last night, as I sat on the deck looking upward, I counted a billion stars. I may have missed one or two, but I think that’s forgivable, considering the scope of the sky. Cool, clear nights are the best ones … Continue reading

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Included among the visitors to our hummingbird feeders of late have been various wasps, ants, and of course hummingbirds. But, just recently, some quite beautiful butterflies have become frequent visitors. I see these butterflies all around the Village, but only recently … Continue reading

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Physical and Mental

Today, I’m using this blog as a journal. On my agenda this morning is a visit to my doctor for my annual physical, then a visit to Little Rock this afternoon with a friend. The first activity is routine. The physical … Continue reading

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About Things on My Mind

Americans may be more inclined toward arrogance than most, but they do not hold the franchise. I have witnessed displays of American and French and British arrogance, along with non-specific Arab arrogance during our trip thus far. I mention those … Continue reading

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Mother Nature

This morning, as I was sipping my second cup of coffee, I went outside to inspect the metal deck chairs I subjected to pressure washing yesterday afternoon. My intent was to determine which ones needed more work and which ones … Continue reading

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Stalking, Mies van der Rohe, and Roadrunners

Just a few minutes ago as I sat at my desk, I heard a familiar cooing sound. Until last year, I would have said it was like the call of a mourning dove; now I know better. This morning, I said … Continue reading

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Every once in a while, I find my mind gravitating toward the ocean. I cannot escape its seduction, its vast secret store of surprises. Just a few months ago, I remember spending a day reading about and marveling at how many … Continue reading

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Celestial Experience

I don’t know what drew me outside this evening. Perhaps it was the need to get out in the cool night air or maybe I assumed last night’s and this morning’s rains cleansed the air. Whatever prompted me outdoors, I … Continue reading

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Sometimes, when I hear the guttural growl of rolling thunder, beginning with an abrupt bone-jarring crack that fades into the distance, I imagine the fierce battle between Zeus and Typhon taking place far above me. Their combat is hidden from my view, but … Continue reading

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Water and Salt

Oceans, which comprise more than seventy percent of the earth’s surface, hold ninety-seven percent of the planet’s water. Beneath the surface of that water is immeasurable beauty and secrecy and enough fodder for fear to last a million lifetimes. Awestruck … Continue reading

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We assume creatures like crustaceans and caterpillars have no consciousness of that “thing:” we call emotion. How could they, after all? They are not human so how could they possibly possess a human characteristic like emotion? Yet we do not … Continue reading

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Thinking of Spiders

I speak a thousand tongues and understand the rest. Fluent in their languages, I communicate with spiders and birds and walruses. I hear grass grow before it breaks the surface of the soil, though the sound competes with the noise of … Continue reading

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Listening and Looking

In the interest of serenity, I am sitting on my screened porch, listening to bird calls and songs. I recognize the sounds, but can connect only a few to the birds making them. I hear a mourning dove, a tufted … Continue reading

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Roadrunner Photos

I was able to get a bunch of shots of a greater roadrunner on our deck and on our driveway this afternoon. Only after looking at these two shots did I realize he had not one but two lizards in … Continue reading

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It does not seem right that Nature should torment us.  It seems unnatural that something of which we are a part should attack us with natural implements. Yet some of us suffer through the onslaught of Spring, itching eyes and nasal congestion. … Continue reading

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An Infusion of Knowledge

Though I didn’t learn a lot about birds during yesterday’s birding workshop (and we didn’t go out bird watching, thanks to the weather), I learned a lot.  So, in lieu of an attempt at writing a creative post, I’ll record here … Continue reading

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For the Birds

In just a short while, we’re heading out to the first of four 2.5-hour birding workshops that we’ll attend over the next four weeks. Initially, I was very interested in it; the workshop purports to introduce participants to birds one can … Continue reading

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Evocative Seafood Stew

My wife made the most fabulous seafood stew for dinner a couple of nights ago. It included chunks of cod, sea scallops, and shrimp in a perfectly spiced tomato base.  As we were having dinner, I commented that the stew brought up … Continue reading

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My wife and her sister and I planned to go on an Audubon Society barge trip yesterday on Lake Ouachita to look for bald eagles. My wife opted to stay home, as she’s been a little under the weather of … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice

The winter solstice will take place today—Sunday, December 21, 2014—at 5:03 p.m. Central Standard Time. During the December Solstice, the Sun is directly overhead of the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere. The Solstice occurs when the Sun reaches … Continue reading

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A Walking Trail

Yesterday, a long walk along the Cedar Creek Walking Trail turned a beautiful, clear, crisp day into an unforgettable joy.  Walking along the trail, it’s easy to imagine oneself in a primitive forest, miles from civilization.  The only noises are … Continue reading

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