Included among the visitors to our hummingbird feeders of late have been various wasps, ants, and of course hummingbirds. But, just recently, some quite beautiful butterflies have become frequent visitors. I see these butterflies all around the Village, but only recently have they designated our hummingbird feeders as butterfly food-service stations. Today, as I was examining one such visitor from a distance of just a few feet, I noticed the striking black/blue body and iridescent blue markings on the back of its wings. But I also noticed orange spots near the front and all along the underside of its wings. My knowledge of butterflies is on par with my knowledge of quantum mechanics, so I had no idea what I was looking at (beyond the obvious—a butterfly). On the chance that I might identify it simply by describing its most obvious (to me) characteristics, I implored Father Google to help me. Father Google obliged. The butterflies that so intrigue me are, if I correctly interpret my research findings, Red-spotted Purple butterflies. These creatures like forested areas and their range includes Arkansas. Much to my chagrin, I haven’t been able to take any pictures of the creatures.  But the photo below, which I’ve linked from the University of Wisconsin bioweb website (click on image to go to the site) is what I’ve been seeing around the Village and on my hummingbird feeders.

Photo linked from University of Wisconsin bioweb page/

Photo linked from University of Wisconsin bioweb page/

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