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Physical and Mental

Today, I’m using this blog as a journal. On my agenda this morning is a visit to my doctor for my annual physical, then a visit to Little Rock this afternoon with a friend. The first activity is routine. The physical … Continue reading

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Chirping Chirping Chirping

The sound was faint. It was responsible for awakening me, but once I awoke, I heard it. A distant “chirp.” I swung my feet over the side of the bed, slipped on my flip-flops (my favorite indoor footwear, in spite … Continue reading

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Life on the “Farm”

Our house is near the southern end of the village.  Looking out from our decks and from  the windows of my study, I can see that the land just south of here is heavily wooded and hilly, but not so steep and … Continue reading

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I was sitting there, enjoying the serenity of nature, when it began.  The noise was hard to hear, but impossible NOT to hear.  It was the sound of a light bulb about to break.  The shrill shriek of an electric … Continue reading

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