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Until this morning, I have given the subject of pagodas only a passing nod of attention. But for reasons hidden inside my brain and outside my sphere of consciousness, I felt compelled to explore why I suddenly said to myself … Continue reading

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Architectural Emotions in a Mid-Century Mind

Yesterday, after an email from Dwell prompted me to view photos of a restored and updated Joseph L. Eichler mid-century modern house in the San Francisco Bay area, I fell in love with the architectural style all over again. That … Continue reading

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Negative Space

Negative space. That’s an interesting concept. The term refers to the space around and between one or more subjects of a visual image; it’s the space that surrounds an image. To an artist—and others who understand the concept in an … Continue reading

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Stalking, Mies van der Rohe, and Roadrunners

Just a few minutes ago as I sat at my desk, I heard a familiar cooing sound. Until last year, I would have said it was like the call of a mourning dove; now I know better. This morning, I said … Continue reading

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An Elderly, Productive Place

The walls are dull, the white paint over the cinder block walls faded and chipped.  Near one of the metal doors leading outside, dirt or mold stains the mortar lines in stair-step fashion down from the ceiling, suggesting there is, … Continue reading

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As I sat at the dining table one morning earlier this week, glancing through the large half-circle window above the double-door front entry, I noticed something odd.  The arch extending out over the entry-way into the house created the illusion of a window like that found … Continue reading

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Adequate Architecture is in the Eye of the Beholder

While sorting through some old files, I came across some notes I’d written long ago about my interest in converting commercial buildings to residential use.  One such note extolled the aesthetic virtues of old church chapels.  Another waxed poetic about repurposed … Continue reading

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Overcoming the Faults

You overlook the faults in people you love. Or, at least, you accept them and move on.  It may not be the same with buildings.  Whether you “love” buildings or not isn’t the point; it’s whether you accept faults and … Continue reading

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After lunch at Casa Vieja on Sunday, we wandered around the little town of Whitewright, wondering what life must be like in this little time-worn village. There were obvious signs of efforts to revitalize the tiny downtown; Casa Vieja was one … Continue reading

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So Many Places with Potential…

My recently renewed enthusiasm about third places (see this, this, this, and this) has led me to do more research about “great good places.” That research has opened my eyes to my myopia about places I’ve lived, places I’ve long since … Continue reading

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Columbus, IN…Who Knew?

Some knew.  I did not.  I had no idea.  Because I was uniformed.  Uneducated.  I was the poster boy for architectural ignorance.  Now, I’m on my way to enlightenment.  The first step, they say, is to recognize the problem.  My … Continue reading

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