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Journeys by Chance

Wikipedia says this about Corb Lund: Corb Lund is a Canadian Western and Country singer-songwriter from Taber, Alberta, Canada. He has released nine albums, three of which are certified gold. Lund tours regularly in Canada, the United States and Australia, … Continue reading

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Life After Life, An Untold Story

An unfortunate fact about life is that it does not go on forever. Rather, life does not go on long enough for some of us to learn the ultimate outcome of intriguing circumstances swirling around us. Take the novel coronavirus, … Continue reading

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Cultures in Transition

Wandering the streets of New York, one cannot help but be struck by the incredible diversity of the people of the city. The number of languages spoken and the number of cultures represented give life to the term “melting pot.” … Continue reading

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So Many Places with Potential…

My recently renewed enthusiasm about third places (see this, this, this, and this) has led me to do more research about “great good places.” That research has opened my eyes to my myopia about places I’ve lived, places I’ve long since … Continue reading

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If I Use Pinterest, Am I “Unmanly?”

It seems to me that the world of Pinterest is overwhelmingly inhabited by women.  After futzing around with Pinterest this morning, re-pinning stuff I found intriguing (Yeah, like this photo of a gun being fired underwater.  Can you see the … Continue reading

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The New Malthusian Imperative

If the world’s population is allowed to grow unchecked, there will come a time when the planet cannot sustain those who inhabit it.  Simple extrapolations of population growth, coupled with measured analyses of the rate of growth in food productivity, … Continue reading

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Residential Segregation by Income

Yesterday, my wife and I went for a drive.  It was a relatively short drive, just a few miles, but  it was as if we drove into another dimension.  Just a few miles north of where we live in north … Continue reading

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Tilting at Windmills

I was surprised and pleased to see the size of the turnout at a seminar this morning, sponsored by Dallas Water Utilities, on water-wise landscaping.  I estimate there were a couple of hundred people in attendance. Unfortunately, the demographics of … Continue reading

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