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Postprandial Ruminations

The Little Apple Brewing Company was a bit of a disappointment. The food was fine, but the single beer (the Riley’s Red Ale) was just adequate. And the atmosphere was most definitely not the sort I’m used to experiencing in … Continue reading

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Another Third Place Post

I’ve been up for two hours, long enough to develop a hunger for breakfast and to fuel renewed daydreams about creating a Third Place. But I’m not having breakfast yet; that will wait for a couple more hours until my wife … Continue reading

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Looking for a New Neighborhood

It’s rare, but it happens: the advice offered in a “free e-newsletter” turns out to be valuable, thought-provoking advice. In the instance to which I am referring, it was nothing earth-shattering, but decent, well-conceived advice. I will give credit where … Continue reading

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So Many Places with Potential…

My recently renewed enthusiasm about third places (see this, this, this, and this) has led me to do more research about “great good places.” That research has opened my eyes to my myopia about places I’ve lived, places I’ve long since … Continue reading

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Building Community, One Third Place at a Time

Yesterday, I went to a nearby branch of the Dallas Public Library to pick up a book I’d requested, Celebrating the Third  Place: Inspiring Stories about the “Great Good Places” at the Heart of Our Communities. I haven’t finished the … Continue reading

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The Death of Libraries

Many of us take libraries for granted.  We think they always will be there.  Always.  Whether we frequent them or not, whether we support them or not, whether we defend them or not, libraries always will be there. Would that … Continue reading

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A Place…A Real Place

Lest you get the wrong idea…The Third Place is not my original idea.  It was first proffered by Ray Oldenburg around 1989. But even then the concept was old.  Oldenburg was simply the first one to successfully identify and promote … Continue reading

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The Third Place

There is a place in the world that is welcoming.  There is a place in the world that calls out to you in a way that no place else can. There is love and solace in your home.  There are … Continue reading

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