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Singular Solutions

I once had enormous faith in the ability of science and technology to solve the monstrous problems confronting humankind.  Lately, though, my confidence has ebbed as I’ve come to acknowledge that astonishing breakthroughs in science and technology frequently come with a … Continue reading

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Looking for a New Neighborhood

It’s rare, but it happens: the advice offered in a “free e-newsletter” turns out to be valuable, thought-provoking advice. In the instance to which I am referring, it was nothing earth-shattering, but decent, well-conceived advice. I will give credit where … Continue reading

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According to some sources I found online (I don’t know if they’re reliable and don’t remember what they were), about 370.000 babies are born every day, worldwide.  And 155,000 people die every day, worldwide.  If those numbers are correct, the … Continue reading

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