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Negative Space

Negative space. That’s an interesting concept. The term refers to the space around and between one or more subjects of a visual image; it’s the space that surrounds an image. To an artist—and others who understand the concept in an … Continue reading

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Last Night’s Living

Last night, we went to the Garland County Library for a program sponsored by the library and the Hot Springs Jazz Society. I expected it would be a good program.  It was better than good; it was spectacular.  The poets … Continue reading

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Putting My Shoulder to the Wheel

Have you ever allowed your curiosity to lead you far, far afield of where it started? I do that quite a lot.  Recently, I heard someone say “I need to put my shoulder to the wheel and get this done.” … Continue reading

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Idées trouvé

If it is possible to create visual art by, deliberately and with purpose, assembling pieces of unrelated non-art objects (and it is…one term for such art is objets trouvé), then doesn’t it follow that it is possible to create literary … Continue reading

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