lancet_lookAs I sat at the dining table one morning earlier this week, glancing through the large half-circle window above the double-door front entry, I noticed something odd.  The arch extending out over the entry-way into the house created the illusion of a window like that found in some churches, with a pointed top.

The photo here doesn’t do justice to what I saw with my eyes; the camera did not adjust for the light.  What I saw, where the blinding white light appears above the doors (in the shape of the windows about which I am writing), were trees across the street, bare of leaves, tall and regal.

I’ve often appreciated those church windows, thinking they would look good in a house.  But I’ve never known the term that describes such windows. After a bit of research, though, I now know: they are lancet windows, so-called because the shape with the sharp tip resembles a lance.   The image to the left is closer to what my mind told me I was seeing as I glanced out the window above my front doors.  This image is a graphic depicting a lancet window.


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