An Old Coder Emerges from the Damp

Today was horribly humid and, until a short while ago, quite warm. I had no interest in being outdoors, except to run pick up mail at the post office and get some groceries. The remainder of the day, I occupied myself by creating and updating a list of restaurants in and around Hot Springs Village, with links to their websites/Facebook pages when I could find them. Though it’s not much to look at, I’m rather proud of the work; I did all the HTML coding using a free trial offer of an HTML editor I downloaded a day or two ago. It’s been awhile since I’ve done much HTML coding, but I quickly recalled much of what I’d forgotten. I’ve decided to teach myself more coding, both HTML5 and, perhaps, C++. There are many uses to which I could put knowledge of coding, perhaps even some which might be income-producing. If nothing else, it’s an intellectual challenge to teach myself such stuff. I’d probably better serve my interests by taking courses, because I’d learn cleaner, more efficient methods of getting things done than I might figure out on my own, but I’m impatient with the slow pace of courses designed toward the person who’s slowest on the uptake. So, I’ll chance it; learn faster, but not as well. That sounds like a way to ensure bad customer service, doesn’t it? We’ll see.

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