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When We Mourn

Within the last day or two, I read something that stuck with me. The concept stuck with me, anyway. I have been unable to find the source of the words I read, so I cannot accurately quote the words and … Continue reading

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Gone Too Young

The nephew of a blogger I’ve never met, Ellie, died of an overdose several days ago. What I know of the blogger’s family I know only because she wrote about them extensively and shared copious pictures of them. Her exuberance … Continue reading

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In Memory of Gwen Ifill

When I want real news, real information, I turn to PBS. Though Bill Moyers and Jim Lehrer cemented my appreciation for PBS, I think I became addicted to the PBS Newshour because of Gwen Ifill. I sensed an exceptional commitment … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Dignity and the Disposal of Corpses

As we pulled into the driveway yesterday afternoon from an art exhibit to which our friends and neighbors Bill and Carole had invited us, I noticed something in the driveway just outside the left side of the garage door. On first … Continue reading

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On Death and Dying

As I listened to parts of a radio interview yesterday morning about new ways to think about the concept of death, I felt my mind adjusting itself to a new perspective. The interview, with an artist who created “death suits” impregnated with … Continue reading

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Tough Days

Yesterday was a tough day, as I learned from a friend that she was afraid her husband, also a friend, might be dying. Just a few days ago, he was taken from the rehab center where he is undergoing physical … Continue reading

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A Death in the Neighborhood

A neighbor we’ve never met died recently.  The guy who lived across the street, catty-corner from us, was found dead in his home after police were summoned to do a welfare check today.  His next door neighbors noticed his newspapers … Continue reading

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Big Jim: Loss of a Good Man

This post will mean something only to one person, my good friend who is an occasional reader.    That is fine; it’s written entirely for him and his family.  My friend, I was so very sorry to learn of your father’s death. … Continue reading

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Mardella was my sister-in-law’s mother-in-law.  She was sharp-witted, funny, and a joy to be around.  In spite of the fact that her eyes were failing and her hearing wasn’t what it used to be, she had a wicked sense of … Continue reading

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Today is the fourth anniversary of the death of my sister, Mary Eleanor, who her brothers and sister and nieces and nephews and many of her friends called Melnor or Mimi.  I suppose I always will  miss her; it’s only natural. … Continue reading

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Sharing the Pain

Last night, a friend shared the pain of losing her pet, a cat who had been part of their family for years.  She wrote, initially, that they had decided it was time to call the vet yesterday to make a … Continue reading

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Yesterday afternoon, I read many reactions to the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.  They ranged from expressions of loss and grief to attacks on the character and intelligence of anyone who dies of a drug overdose. One comment said simply, … Continue reading

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You Die Twice

I watched a report, entitled Remembering with Dignity, on the PBS Newshour the other night. It was about efforts to remember and recognize people who had died while in a state mental institution in Minnesota years ago. When those people … Continue reading

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Missing Funerals

The car rental had been confirmed and my plans were made, but plans change.  I will not drive to Corpus Christi tomorrow to attend the funeral of an old friend on Friday morning.  Instead, I will stay in Dallas so … Continue reading

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No Man is an Island

This, one of my favorite poems, speaks so eloquently to the ties that bind us all together.  It explains, far better than any other words I’ve read or written, the reason (with apologies to Paulo Cohelo) tears are words that … Continue reading

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The Bonds of Friendship

An old friend, a friend with whom I’ve lost touch over the years, died last Friday.  I know nothing of the manner of his death, only that he died.  A message about his death, from a friend of a friend … Continue reading

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Yesterday, a shooting in a Connecticut school claimed the lives of 20 children and 6 adults.  I cannot fully process that.  I know I never will.  I choose not to write any more, at least not today, about how I feel … Continue reading

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When I Die

When I die (which I hope will not happen for many, many years), if things go according to what I am in the midst of planning, representatives of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Willed Body Program will pick up … Continue reading

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