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Birthday Decadence

Birthday Alarm (which I once used to remind me about birthdays of people with whom I did business) tells me I share my birthday with Dizzy Gillespie, Carrie Fisher, Alfred Nobel, and Benjamin Netanyahu. I should feel honored to be … Continue reading

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Decrepit and Decaying

Evidence of advancing age and inadequate exercise showed their ugly faces yesterday as I tried to prep for today’s planned paint festival. The urgency of overcoming my procrastination in getting the work done became apparent as I looked at the calendar, realizing … Continue reading

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Locked in to Tunnel Vision

Fear and lethargy contribute as much as lack of interest and understanding to generational differences. Consider the massive shifts in the musical landscape that took place after World War II, especially in the late fifties. It seems to me that the Greatest Generation … Continue reading

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My Father’s Birthday

Dad was fifty years old when I was born; he was born on July 18, 1903. Were he alive today, he would be one hundred twelve years old. But he died in February 1985 at the age of eighty-one, when I … Continue reading

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Tough Days

Yesterday was a tough day, as I learned from a friend that she was afraid her husband, also a friend, might be dying. Just a few days ago, he was taken from the rehab center where he is undergoing physical … Continue reading

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He looked closely at the skin on his forearms. Aside from noticing the moles and freckles and imperfections that had marked his skin for a lifetime, he noticed an absence there. Gone was the softness, the suppleness, that belonged to that … Continue reading

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The shriveled old women and wizened old men—sitting alone in wheel chairs and recliners in a large, airy room—look upset. They have reason to be angry. Trapped in uncooperative bodies, they are forced to live in a prison for the weak … Continue reading

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Kneeling in Pain

When I bend down on my knees, I can’t do it the way normal people do. I have to place something soft, with plenty of cushion, under my knees or they wail in excruciating pain. Hearing the blood-curdling screams of knees that … Continue reading

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From the perspective of an adult, childhood is an illusion. It is that imaginary time during which the weight of the world did not bear heavily on one’s shoulders. It is that fantasy in which pain is a frightening and unpleasant … Continue reading

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Some of My Favorite Things

I listen to Take Five by Dave Brubeck and feel like I belong in a different era. It’s not that I really believe I’m out of step with today, it’s that I think some people today are out of step with … Continue reading

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Incremental Aging

On occasion, I do what I say I will or, rather, what I say I want to do. I looked back this morning at my post from a year ago and saw that I spoke about my interest in welding … Continue reading

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Machete Sharp

I bought a machete at a garage sale a few months ago. It cost only three dollars.  Seeing the price, I felt compelled to succumb to my urge to own a long, dangerous knife, the kind with a blade that speaks unapologetically … Continue reading

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Old World Classics

We’re having friends over tonight for dinner, the only people here we know well…she used to work for me, years ago.  We’re having seared scallops over spinach and risotto, with steamed asparagus on the side.  Before dinner, we’ll have drinks. … Continue reading

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A Little Risky

There’s tremendous appeal to me in charting unexplored territories, doing things I’ve never done.  Perhaps it’s the risk associated with taking bold steps that I find intriguing. Or maybe it’s the promise of learning the limits of my courage.  Whatever … Continue reading

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House Surgery

The guys came Tuesday to resurface the tops of the vanities in the guest bath and  the half bath, as well as the counter of the wet bar.  I had arranged with them to come Tuesday morning, thinking I would … Continue reading

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The Ripening

I have always thought of age-worry as vanity gone awry, narcissism twisted by irrational emotion.  It seemed to me that no one should agonize about reaching 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or 70.  When people fretted about reaching one … Continue reading

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Another Year Older

Birthdays used to excite passion.  They were occasions to mark progress toward some desirable future, some as yet unclaimed state of affairs, that would be better than today. This murky, never-articulated premise for celebrating birthdays was never clear, but it … Continue reading

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