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Mediterranean Course Correction

I inquired of Google this morning: “What is the Mediterranean lifestyle?” The first answer I found—and the one I intend on adapting as my own—was this, from a blog entitled, The Mediterranean Dish in a post labeled Live the Mediterranean … Continue reading

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Transformative Places

Wherever we go, when we settle in we take on attributes caused by the place. We change, at least a little, to reflect the way a place we live changes us. And often, maybe usually, we don’t recognize the change … Continue reading

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Fashionista. Not Quite, But…

One changes, doesn’t one? Over time, I mean. Who would have thought, two or three years ago, that I would ever feel not only comfortable with, but a just a little excited about, wearing a sports coat and a pair … Continue reading

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Positive Adjustments

Thanksgiving Day is the “official” day of gratitude.  That notwithstanding, and in accord with my tendency to go against the grain, I will proclaim my gratitude again, today, on this last day of the year. This year has been one of … Continue reading

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Yesterday afternoon, I looked at the leaves on the trees outside my windows and imagined how the trees will appear in two weeks, two months, four months.  I looked at the leaves and wondered where they will be at each of … Continue reading

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Mind and Body Transformations

We joined the gym, both of us.  We’re not yet in a regular routine of workouts, but we’re making progress in that regard.  In awhile, when my wife awakes, we will make the trek over to the center where it’s … Continue reading

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Of Pizza and Beer and Songs and Darkness and Change

Last night, after a 13-hour, 656 mile marathon trip to retrieve boxes and assorted other stuff we left behind in storage, we had dinner at Charlie’s Pizza Pub, which I learned from its Facebook page moved to its “new old … Continue reading

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A Little Risky

There’s tremendous appeal to me in charting unexplored territories, doing things I’ve never done.  Perhaps it’s the risk associated with taking bold steps that I find intriguing. Or maybe it’s the promise of learning the limits of my courage.  Whatever … Continue reading

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Settle Down

At this very moment, one of the things that would please me most would be to have the ability to live free of anger, free of being so reactive to the negativity and disappointments and upsets I face in the … Continue reading

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Setting Down Roots

The obstacles to achieving a comprehensive sense of contentment in my life are all hand-made and carefully crafted, built slowly over a lifetime of opting, at crucial moments, to do not what I wanted but what was expected of me. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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House Repairs and Indian Slums

Week before last, I had the broken ceiling joist above the garage repaired. In the process, pieces of sheet rock broke off, leaving gaping holes and cracks in the garage ceiling. So, today, I have guys in to replace the … Continue reading

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Old Bones and Buddha and Searching for Home

One of my brothers lives in the country.  Not “in the country” on a manicured estate, not on a horse farm with beautifully painted barns and well-maintained pipe fences outlining lush fields of grass.  No, he lives in the country … Continue reading

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Change…Big Change

If it seems like I bounce around in many different directions, it’s because I do.  One day, I might be ready to buy land and a tractor, the next day I come to the conclusion that it’s impractical or unaffordable. … Continue reading

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Wannabe’s Block

These last few days, my attempts to put nascent thoughts into writing withered and crept into corners to die.  Like the slime trail of a snail, they leave unpleasant evidence.  Follow the trail and, at the end, their corpses litter the … Continue reading

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  Regardless of your age, the likelihood is very high that you still have time.  Time to do something you have always wanted to do but just haven’t done yet. Time to discover what you really want to do but … Continue reading

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Respect New Year Resolutions

The beginning of a new year is an interesting time.  Some people see the new year as just another day.  Others view it as symbolic of a new beginning, a fresh start.  Some of that latter group establish goals they hope … Continue reading

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