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Memories of Home, of New Mexico

This morning, as I thumbed through an old blog I downloaded before I killed it off several years ago (if one can thumb through an electronic document), I came upon a lengthy post about a trip my wife and I made to New … Continue reading

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Aside from a few fierce storms that could have wrecked the center of the earth and beyond, the weather here has been rather nice thus far. But yesterday, the thermometer reached levels that would have prompted my father to say the … Continue reading

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Distant Thunder

Bone-shattering claps of thunder, accompanied by brilliant flashes of lightning, awaken in me a sense of awe and wonder and appreciation for  the power of the natural world.  I can sit for hours watching wave after wave of thunderstorms pass, … Continue reading

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Of Pizza and Beer and Songs and Darkness and Change

Last night, after a 13-hour, 656 mile marathon trip to retrieve boxes and assorted other stuff we left behind in storage, we had dinner at Charlie’s Pizza Pub, which I learned from its Facebook page moved to its “new old … Continue reading

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Living in one place for a long time allows a person to get comfortable with all sorts of things: the fastest way to get from point A to point B; the “best” television stations for weather forecasts; the television channel … Continue reading

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Setting Down Roots

The obstacles to achieving a comprehensive sense of contentment in my life are all hand-made and carefully crafted, built slowly over a lifetime of opting, at crucial moments, to do not what I wanted but what was expected of me. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Unexpected Attachments

A person can get tied to a place during the course of lifetime.  For some, the attachment can happen gradually, like the slow-growing roots of an oak tree gripping the soil and rocks beneath so tightly nothing can uproot it. … Continue reading

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