Coger Veintidós

My first colonoscopy in a number of years will be performed this morning. I hope the exploration is uneventful. According to Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Arkansas, the procedure is covered if they find nothing, as the procedure would be considered a “wellness service,” for which I would pay no deductible. But if the doctors were to find something wrong—polyps, for example—the procedure would be reclassified as diagnostic, at which point it would be subject to meeting my $6350 annual deductible. I argued with the BC/BS representative until I was blue in the face, expressing my displeasure with what I consider an unconscionable policy that allows the company to “bait and switch” it coverage. It did not good. So I wrote a letter to the Arkansas Insurance Department, complaining about the situation and asking to know, if indeed the policy is real and legitimate, the regulators and/or legislators who are responsible for this morally reprehensible Catch-22 that feeds the greed of the company’s executives. The AID sent a letter to BC/BS, asking the company to address the matter. I’m waiting on BC/BS to respond. In the meantime, here’s hoping today’s procedure goes without a hitch or an issue.

Afterward, I look forward to having a nice meal; yesterday’s liquid-only diet was not terribly satisfying. Of course, I understand one day of a liquid-only diet pales in comparison to that with which some people must deal, so I’ll try to keep my whining to a minimum.

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  1. It was even better, IE!

  2. International Enquirer says:

    Inquiring minds want to know… Was your post-colonoscopy meal as satisfying as you had hoped?

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