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A Proper Burial

Long ago, a friend taught me the meaning of the phrase “you die twice” and I wrote about it. I’ll get to that in a moment. It surprises me that the very modest traffic that reaches this blog usually gets … Continue reading

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Someone Else’s Memories

A few minutes ago, dressed only in a t-shirt, gym shorts, and rubber flip-flops, I scurried outside with my camera, in forty degree temperatures, to take a picture of the Super Moon. My attempt to capture an historical event was unsuccessful; … Continue reading

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Fragments or Figments

They seem to be fragments. Tiny pieces that seem, initially, to have no relation to one another. But, given the right triggers, slivers of recollection from years ago combine to become coherent memories. Finally, after years languishing deep in the recesses … Continue reading

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This Morning, Venturing onto the Patio, into My Mind, and Down Memory Lane

I open the 15-pane door that lets ample light into the house and leads to the back patio, feeling a blanket of warm, humid air as I leave the air-conditioned house and step outside into reality.  The flagstone patio is … Continue reading

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It went something like this…but this is almost certainly not precisely what I read…”You are never too young, nor too old, to begin to write your memoir. But you will never be old enough to finish the last one.” I … Continue reading

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