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Happiness Within Our Grasp, Thunderously So

I mistakenly posted something I called “Thunder” a little while ago. It was an accident. Ignore it. But if you don’t, you’ll see I intended to incorporate it here. I think I’m a little distracted this morning; you know, giddy … Continue reading

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For years, I’ve been drawn to the concept of a minimalist lifestyle.  Several years ago, I stumbled across an online video created by a young guy who designed and built tiny houses and who had created an online video series … Continue reading

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Social Evenings Can Change Dull to Dynamic

This evening, my wife and I attended the second Wines of the World dinner organized by the manager of the Coronado Center, a venue operated by our property owners association. The first event, focusing on the food and wine of … Continue reading

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When Loss is Gain

The early stages of an exercise routine, coupled with a healthy change in eating habits, give quick results. The results I experienced during the first six days of 2016 are almost too good; if I were to expect the same pace to … Continue reading

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Another Christmas

A benefit of writing every day, and keeping a chronological record of what one has written, is the ability to look backward from year to year to annually check one’s state of mind. This morning I looked back a year … Continue reading

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Sunday was a good day. My sister-in-law and I went into town (my wife was having none of it, as she preferred to stay warm and dry at home). Heavy rains had kept us inside for a couple of days. … Continue reading

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Love and Compassion

I subscribe to Zen Habits,a blog dealing with “living in the moment” and being content with, and productive in, one’s life. Recently, a post reminded me that people tend to define themselves by what they do, what other people think of … Continue reading

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Waving at Cars

I enjoy driving in rural areas where people wave at people in passing cars. My sense of human goodness is reinforced when people I don’t know express friendliness that’s not obligatory.  It’s just a genuine appreciation and acceptance of another person. I … Continue reading

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Positive Adjustments

Thanksgiving Day is the “official” day of gratitude.  That notwithstanding, and in accord with my tendency to go against the grain, I will proclaim my gratitude again, today, on this last day of the year. This year has been one of … Continue reading

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Feeling Good

Yesterday, we took a brief walk on a short trail, the Lake Coronado Boat Ramp Trail, an ultra-short one, measuring only about a third of a mile.  Then, we wandered around the Village a bit, noting locations of other trail-heads for … Continue reading

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A Walking Trail

Yesterday, a long walk along the Cedar Creek Walking Trail turned a beautiful, clear, crisp day into an unforgettable joy.  Walking along the trail, it’s easy to imagine oneself in a primitive forest, miles from civilization.  The only noises are … Continue reading

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Respite from Expectations

The simple act of living in a world of expectations is hard.  It requires mental energy in every waking moment.  Even as we attempt to recover through sleep, there they are, those expectations stalking our dreams just as they slink … Continue reading

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Stress Washes Away in Water

Our next-door-neighbors took us out on their pontoon boat yesterday afternoon for three-plus hours of drifting along the shoreline of Lake Balboa, exploring little bays and coves, and looking at some spectacular lake-shore homes. During the cruise, we talked about … Continue reading

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Temporary Bachelorhood

So, I’m trying to make my plans for temporary bachelorhood.  What shall I do when my wife skips town to meet her high school chums for a few days and nights of unchecked raucous behavior? I’m thinking I should engage … Continue reading

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What Do I Miss? How Do I Settle?

A downside to living in Hot Springs Village versus Dallas (or any big city): there’s no convenient and nearby place to go for a middle-of-the-night-breakfast when sleep eludes me.  I miss that, especially of late…especially when I awaken with nothing … Continue reading

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