Feeling Good

Yesterday, we took a brief walk on a short trail, the Lake Coronado Boat Ramp Trail, an ultra-short one, measuring only about a third of a mile.  Then, we wandered around the Village a bit, noting locations of other trail-heads for future walks.

Lunch consisted of leftover tamales from the night before.  The tamales (we had ordered pork & jalapeño tamales) were a tad bizarre.  Enormous in size with no discernible pork. They tasted OK, but they weren’t what we expected.

My sister-in-law, who has something of a thing for donkeys, brought over to our house a tiny donkey crafted in Mexico years ago from what I believe to be corn husks.  I started calling him Pedro and the name stuck.  We took Pedro with us in the car to visit three real, live donkeys who live in a pen on the roadside in Owensville, just up the road from Hot Springs Village.  My SIL snapped photos of the donkeys, who seemed to crave the attention.  After a few more stops, one involving a review of several “state Christmas trees” in Grove Park, we dropped her off so she could make sides for the evening meal, which she did (wonderful potato and carrot casserole and a green bean dish that had been prepared with a mustard marinade…good stuff).

At dinner time, she brought an army of Pedro’s friends and we decorated the little metal tree with them; that was our Christmas tree.  It actually looks pretty cool.  I’d get up and take a picture if I weren’t so lazy.  For dinner, we had ham, the green beans and potato dishes my SIL brought, a few condiments, and a glass or two of Babich Sauvignon Blanc (which is now my favorite wine of all time).  My SIL was incredibly generous with gifts, which included giving us (me, mostly) an annual premium subscription to Spotify and some wonderful spirits (including a bottle of Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey for me).

While I slaved away over dishes, my favorite wife and her favorite sister played Sequence.  I feel very good; I am very fortunate, and deeply happy that I spent the day the way I did.

Today, I’ll try to find a replacement pair of running shoes to replace the ones I’m wearing now, the ones that are so badly worn that they offer no support and almost no protection, even from the wind.  We have other plans, as well. I may write about them later.  Or I may not. I had planned on starting on a three or four day road trip this morning, but we had issues with our heating system earlier in the week (tripped breaker on the heating sub-panel) and I don’t want to get too far away for fear of the thing going haywire. If I do any traveling, it might be a quick day-trip to the Memphis Costco on Monday, provided there’s no ice on the road nor forecasts of freezing precipitation. Then again, if the breaker trips, all bets are off; I may wait around impatiently for the HVAC repair folks in that case.

The only thing that would have improved yesterday would have been the presence of my extended family.  But the three of us got by pretty well; we had a good time, a comfortable Christmas Day.


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