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A New Tradition

Tomorrow, I will begin a new tradition.  Every day, I will post here my “thoughts for the day” in addition to my regular, or irregular, stream-of-consciousness posts. These “thoughts for the day” won’t necessarily be motivational pep talks to myself, … Continue reading

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Idées trouvé

If it is possible to create visual art by, deliberately and with purpose, assembling pieces of unrelated non-art objects (and it is…one term for such art is objets trouvé), then doesn’t it follow that it is possible to create literary … Continue reading

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Getting Fat on Expectations

I sneaked back onto Facebook and noticed something right away.  My absence wasn’t noticed.  Not even by me.  The lives of the Facebookies did not erupt in turmoil at my absence.  There were no huge, gaping holes where my contributions … Continue reading

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Amos Cartwright descended from sharecroppers who barely survived the Flood of 1851. Fortunately for his forebears, Sampson and Blanche Cartwright, the owners of the land they worked did not survive.  Through a convoluted web of bureaucratic wizardry, helped along no … Continue reading

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You Die Twice

I watched a report, entitled Remembering with Dignity, on the PBS Newshour the other night. It was about efforts to remember and recognize people who had died while in a state mental institution in Minnesota years ago. When those people … Continue reading

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Singular Solutions

I once had enormous faith in the ability of science and technology to solve the monstrous problems confronting humankind.  Lately, though, my confidence has ebbed as I’ve come to acknowledge that astonishing breakthroughs in science and technology frequently come with a … Continue reading

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Holiday Meal Extraordinaire

We had every good intention of having Christmas dinner on Christmas day. But a big midday meal of tamales and chile con queso, for the second day in a row, coupled with my wife’s tendency to enjoy her long afternoon … Continue reading

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I wrote a very short vignette a few days ago in which a character changed his first name from Dan to Bravado.  It was a silly, completely transparent piece suggesting the idiocy and dangers of superficiality. When I wrote it, … Continue reading

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Food Features and Fantasies

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, we departed from our usual tradition of having tamales and chile con queso and beer for dinner. Because we had arranged to go to dinner with friends last night, we instead honored the tamale tradition at lunch. … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Whether Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, or Other, most people acknowledge this day as Christmas day.  We’re not all celebrating the same thing when we celebrate today, but I think we’re all acknowledging the capacity of humanity to have good … Continue reading

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Missed Opportunities

Ill-fitting clothes and a devil-may-care green plaid newsboy cap. Grey herringbone tweed jacket with brown trousers. Hiking boots, no socks, no match for the smile fresh from lukewarm coffee and a cold cinnamon bun. Impossible to forget that sad café, … Continue reading

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Canadian Tomatoes and Kansas Grapefruit

Last summer, one of my brothers planted tomatoes.  The plants grew and produced blossoms, but the fruit never set.  He theorized the high temperatures, both day and night, might be to blame.  From what I’ve read this morning, he’s probably … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Red Ale & More!

My friend, Juan Flores, is a connoisseur of fine, home-brewed beer and an accomplished brewer himself. He has allowed me to post this brief rumination on his current brewing endeavor. ########################################################## I’m priming my ale some 5 days before I … Continue reading

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Privilege and Compassion: Incompatible?

I’d be very interested in getting feedback about this short PBS video from visitors to this page. What do you think about the research? Do you think financial advantage, real or fabricated, influences the way people treat others? Are rich … Continue reading

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Relief Valve

My decisions are revocable. That’s what makes them seem wishy-washy; by definition, I suppose they are. My latest decision is to take another temporary breather from Facebook.  It’s not because I think it will have any lasting effect on me, … Continue reading

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