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A house in our subdivision, just a couple of blocks from us, came on the market over a month ago at $325,000.  It’s about 200 square feet larger than ours and has four bedrooms.  It’s located on an entrance to an alley that runs behind our house and  in the opposite direction to an alley for houses on another street.  Very odd and tiny back yard, with no fence and no privacy.  So I hope that’s why it hasn’t sold yet and the price has dropped to $300,000.  I’m hoping our house will command a good price; I hope the price drop on this place doesn’t foretell what we can expect.  I don’t think so, but I’m a little nervous.  The price we get for our house will dictate, in large part, the next place we buy.

Anyone with immediate cash in hand who wants our place can have it for $820,000, today only!  Don’t let this pass you by!

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  1. Juan, I wish someone would pay me $820K…or $720K…or $620K…or $520K…or $420K…you see where I’m going with this! No, my place is not a mansion, not worth that kind of money. If it were in Chicago or San Jose or Mahattan(!), maybe I’d have real wealth in my pockets. Alas, I just want to get enough to buy a place half the size for half the price and have money in the bank so retirement won’t be enjoyed in the clutches of poverty. We’ve talked about Florida. I’ve been interested, but Janine is not so hot on it. She’s afraid of sinkholes!

  2. Juan says:

    820 thousand? Christ! You are a fucking millionaire! Your prospects served you well, my friend. Forget this business about Oregon or Washington. You and Janine are southerners! Come to Florida….or maybe Louisiana?

    Make home close to me, and we’ll make brew, or at least philosophize!


  3. Teresa says:


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