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Yesterday, Christmas Eve, we departed from our usual tradition of having tamales and chile con queso and beer for dinner. Because we had arranged to go to dinner with friends last night, we instead honored the tamale tradition at lunch. Because the pork & jalapeño tamales we bought (at Supermercado El Rancho…made fresh daily in the store) were enormous, each of us needed only two to make a meal. So we had a similar lunch today. And we’ll probably do the same tomorrow.

Last night, we ate at Canary by Gorji, a very good place we enjoy when we’re looking for an evening more upscale than normal. Chef Gorji greets every guest and cooks every meal; he is an amazing guy.  His Mediterranean-inspired meals almost always have plenty of pomegranate among the ingredients; it was no different last night.  Last night, he offered only two entrees: pork chop or turkey breast, both served with grilled carrots, grilled green beans, and his amazing garlic potato salad.  Janine and I got the pork chops; incredible!  For desert, we each selected one of the two pies: pecan and pumpkin; again, exceptional!

Today, as we were wandering aimlessly around north Dallas and the suburban wasteland to the north (AKA McMansionville), we commented about each “open” restaurant we passed.  There were Asian places here and there and, as we got closer to home, we saw an Indian place surrounded by a clutch of cars and a sign advertising “OPEN” in big orange neon letters.  I asked if she wanted to stop; “No, I’d rather have tamales again today.”  I made some sarcastic remark about her keeping me away from the vindaloo to punish me for some imaginary wrong, but then it hit me: why not make Mexican-Indian fusion sometime soon?

My mind is racing as I consider the possibilities:

  • lamb vindaloo tamales;
  • chicken vindaloo tacos;
  • tandoori carnitas;
  • bhindi masala burritos;
  • picadillo samosas;
  • arroz con gobhi Manchurian (to really mix it up);
  • baigan guisada;
  • biryani con camarones;
  • the list goes on and on and on.

Of course, the names don’t always convey the complexity of the dish, nor the challenge one might face in creating it. But I remain undaunted.   The idea of a little storefront chaat-taqueria is really appealing.  I’ve even come up with a few appropriate (?) names:

  • Taqueria Mumbai;
  • Chana Tijuana;
  • Luna Nueva Delhi
  • Samosaria
  • Burritos de Bangalore

This may be my ticket out of here!  Who’s on board?  Who’s ready to invest in my idea?  I’ll put up 60% for my 80% ownership (hey, it was my idea!).

Are you having a Merry बिदा?

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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3 Responses to Food Features and Fantasies

  1. Trish says:

    And then we need the desert and café/tea menu, John. This is a must! But all should be lite after such a heavy meal, and such libation. This is were you can cut the corner a tad, but it has to be incorporated into the menu …just don’t glamorize as your strong point, therefore few will order the “desert”….they technically should be full from the main course, and the ale. Desert is only a back up….coffee and tea…a must. 😉 Only look for the strong points…for that is the holy grale!! 🙂

  2. You’re an entrepreneur at heart, Trish! Yes, Juan’s beer belongs alongside my fusion food!

  3. Trish says:

    John, just at a glance, I think I can make a contribution to this menu! I reckon a merger. Your Mex-Asian menu, and Juan’s brewery. Beer goes with both cuisines, right? And after all, you need something to wash it down with. Well, Juan’s wonderful assortment of beers could do the trick! Now, this depends on what Juan wants to do with his “private enterprise”, and you would need to consort with him. If he agrees, those percentiles would change, and not against you (provided these recipes are stupendous a mix). Every restaurant need a bar, Juan could just be just the man for that, for he know those ales! I yell merger here, or nothing! And of course, my cut for the “merger” idea! 😉

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