Photographic Evidence of Hyperdistance and Uberspace

IntoTheEyeIf you stare intently enough into the highfalutin shot glass from which you’re sipping rye, you can see the other side of the universe.   This photo simply doesn’t do it justice. I recall, when I took this photo a couple of nights ago, seeing the other side of the universe quite clearly.

The unimpressive quality of the photo notwithstanding, taking a long, hard look at the center of the shot glass will reveal quite a lot if you let it.  Let your mind wander.  Open the gates normally shut by bias and belief and certainty. Entertain the possibility that time and space and reason all dwell quietly in darkness at the bottom of this one simple shot glass. Consider that the other side of the universe is looking back up at you.

You can get inside the oddest, yet most informative, ideas if you try.  You can unleash creativity by considering things that don’t belong in the realm of reason.  Or you can bury it by adhering to all the rules, all the time, following patterns prescribed for you for reasons you don’t try to, or don’t want to, understand.

Who knows whether hyperdistance and uberspace are real?  Who cares?  It’s what you do with your imagination that matters, not where it comes from.


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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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