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On the Margins

I stand at the edge, on the margins, watching the flood, so close to the torrent, yet apart from the flow. There, where I’ve always stood on the margins, the rush beckons me, urges me to lunge. I could fall … Continue reading

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Is Money an Appropriate Gift?

I was only half-listening to a radio or television program—I don’t know, it may have been news, maybe a documentary, I was distracted—when I half-heard a remark that struck me later, when it surfaced in memory.  Only later did my … Continue reading

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About Thanksgiving…

Very probably, the majority of those who celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the United States identify it as a day to reflect on and give thanks or express appreciation for all the goodness and bounty in their lives, from their family … Continue reading

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The only time I can recall having a hallucination was ten years ago.  That memory surfaced recently over lunch with a couple we’ve known for years.  He said he had hallucinated while in the hospital a few years ago, explaining … Continue reading

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My wife decided she wanted to go out to lunch today.  After a bit of back and forth about where, we opted to go to Cuquita’s, a Mexican restaurant adjacent to one of the grocery stores we frequent, Fiesta.  The … Continue reading

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Looking for a New Neighborhood

It’s rare, but it happens: the advice offered in a “free e-newsletter” turns out to be valuable, thought-provoking advice. In the instance to which I am referring, it was nothing earth-shattering, but decent, well-conceived advice. I will give credit where … Continue reading

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Kitchen Travel

My experiment in doing without has evolved from the original plan.  I started and ended my absence from social media (except this blog) early and curtailed my month of meatlessness after three weeks or so.  I am returning to my … Continue reading

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Taking Up Space

There are times I feel like I have a dependency, as if I have no control over things my brain craves in an almost physical sense. Facebook. Yes, Facebook.  I swore it off for a while and it was not … Continue reading

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The Darkest Storm

A monstrous storm is approaching.  It is too big to avoid; no matter where or how fast you go, you cannot hope to escape.  Your home cannot possibly survive the coming storm, nor can public shelters hope to do better. … Continue reading

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A Part of the Main

There is no wider world.  We are it.  We are all we have. Our friends, our families, our communities, the people we see each day. We pretend to pledge allegiance to states or countries, even causes, but the reality is … Continue reading

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House Surgery

The guys came Tuesday to resurface the tops of the vanities in the guest bath and  the half bath, as well as the counter of the wet bar.  I had arranged with them to come Tuesday morning, thinking I would … Continue reading

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I wonder why melancholy sometimes overtakes us without warning?  No precipitating event, just a rush of sadness that paints everything with a wash of tears.  Vague regrets, unknown losses, and unspoken yet unmet hopes and dreams combine to fill the … Continue reading

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This morning, I read a post on a National Public Radio (NPR) blog, entitled “Why We (Should) All Love The Stars.” The text was interesting, but not stunning.  The photograph above, though, was moving in ways words probably cannot express. … Continue reading

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Incomprehensible Beauty

A field of flowers may be lovely, but a single bloom can be incomprehensively beautiful. When I look closely at just one blossom, ignoring everything around it, I am utterly awestruck. The subtle variations in color, the complexity of elaborate … Continue reading

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What the World Should Look Like

This is the view from our friends’ back deck.  This is what the world should look like.  Not a crush of cars, neon lights, and shiny steel.

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