Molten Lava

HottestSauceA friend, who shares my passion for spicy food and good beer, sent me a message while he and his wife were away on a trip.  His message said something to the effect that “I found the hottest fuckin’ sauce; I’m going to get some for you.”  And he did.  It’s in a tiny plastic bottle, probably no more than four and half inches tall.  Every drop of this stuff packs an incredible punch.

This morning, I had an odd breakfast…a toasted English muffin smeared with some rather soupy home-made black bean dip (my experiments don’t always succeed).  Though the bean dip had a moderate bite, I thought I’d kick it up a notch.  Just three little drops of this stuff on each half of the muffin.  It enlivened the bean dip beautifully!  But it’s the after-effect that gets you.  About 30 seconds after finishing the two halves of the muffin, I began to feel like I had taken a few pieces of hot coals into my mouth.  Fortunately, the screaming burn did not last long, maybe two or three minutes, but during that time I cursed myself for having put that third drop on each piece of the muffin.  One always begins with just two drops of molten lava, isn’t that it?

Thanks, Jim.  I believe this little 1.5 ounce bottle should last me well into my eighties, maybe my nineties.

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3 Responses to Molten Lava

  1. druxha says:

    Sure, John. Should I send it here??

  2. Trish, would love it if you ‘d send me that recipe.

  3. druxha says:

    That’s too funny, John! Oh, and the name…love it!

    I’d just made some salsa habanero a while back from a recipe called “Roasted Habanero Salsa from Hell”. It lived up to its title…I felt steam escape from my ears, and sweat the rest out!! I have since, fiddled with that recipe to lower the level of “picante”, and have been successful. Mind you, it still packs a wallop, but now it carries some flavor with it. The recipe states that it will keep up to 6 weeks if covered and refrigerated, for its so potent that even mold and bacteria dare not go near the stuff!

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