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Voices and Memories and Energy

The last swallow of coffee is cold but, surprisingly, energizing. I look at my cup and wonder how I could have let that little bit of coffee sit, unattended and unswallowed, for so long. Ah, I know. I was writing … Continue reading

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Stream of Walkishness

I have a difficult time containing my urge to go from zero to eighty with no intervening speeds. I’m talking here of my recent revival of walking. I don’t like the idea of slowly getting back into it; instead, I’d prefer … Continue reading

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Images and Meditations

If my creative juices refuse to flow this morning, at the very least I can put this blog to some practical use. So, I decided to make a permanent place for the records of my three minor morning strolls so … Continue reading

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This Day Was Good, Too

Once again, my sister-in-law came to my rescue today.  She offered to be stand-in for my wife at the local writers’ club holiday lunch.  My wife had a minor dental emergency and the only opening with the dentist was 11:30 … Continue reading

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Ice Crunch

The streets and sidewalks did not look as slick as they were.  They were  white, streaked in places with grey.  I knew enough that the grey places were probably sleet that had melted to form a sheet of ice, but … Continue reading

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I’m only on day two of doing without and, as expected, I have had no difficulty doing without coffee.  But my coffee replacement, a 30+ minute morning walk, has been more of an adjustment than it should have been, considering … Continue reading

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One Thousand Miles in My Shoes

One thousand miles.  To anyone who travels, even moderately, it doesn’t sound like such a great distance.  It’s half the distance between Dallas and Seattle.  It’s less than the distance between Dallas and Atlanta. It doesn’t take long to make … Continue reading

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Improper perspective, rectified

I dropped the aging Camry with the mechanic at about 8:45 this morning.  I had decided to walk back home, rather than take the bus, because I hadn’t taken my normal walk this morning.  And I needed to do some … Continue reading

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A Just Reward

I reward myself with trips to the grocery store. Finally, after yielding to the weather and my own slothful indolence for several days, I got out and mowed the lawn a few hours ago.  Inasmuch as I did the deed … Continue reading

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Precipitation Leads to Pictures and Painting

In spite of evidence of recent light rain, I left the house for my morning walk.  Because I opted to sleep in a bit after my alarm woke me, I didn’t get out of bed until 5:20 a.m. and didn’t … Continue reading

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Mourning Shadows

Inexplicable shadows mill about in the pre-dawn darkness, shadows that follow the early-morning walker, occasionally darting in front of him, then slipping quickly from view. Street lamps and the headlights of passing cars and the weak light of a waning … Continue reading

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The Walk

Long before the alarm goes off at 4:41 a.m., I wonder whether I will get back to sleep.  I turn over restlessly, shifting positions in the hope that sleep will come again quickly.  I’ve only been in bed for four … Continue reading

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Ancient Eyes

I walked again this morning, just a tad more than 4.6 miles.  I fumbled with my keys for what seemed like a full minute as I felt my way in the darkness for the knob and then the deadbolt to … Continue reading

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