Precipitation Leads to Pictures and Painting

In spite of evidence of recent light rain, I left the house for my morning walk.  Because I opted to sleep in a bit after my alarm woke me, I didn’t get out of bed until 5:20 a.m. and didn’t leave the house until a few minutes after 6:00.  The streets were wet and I could hear sporadic thuds and pops from the rain gutters, signs that large drops of water were falling from the trees near the house.

Just two or three minutes from the house, a very light mist began to collect on the thin hair on my arms, making the 65 degree temperature feel even cooler.  A minute later, though, the mist has dissipated, leaving just the thick moist air, humid enough to keep my arms wet. Perhaps ten minutes later, the intermittent mist became more consistent.  I considered returning to the house or at least severely shortening my walk because I dreaded the thought of drops of water on my eyeglasses, making it impossible for me to see.  That quickly passed, though; my  thoughts turned to the route I might make from the one I’d already begun.

Forty minutes later, when I was well on my way to the end-point of a nearby walking trail, the mist returned.  At first, it was light.  But it grew heavier and heavier; the drizzle continued for the remainder of my five-plus mile walk.  My glasses were spotted with water, but when I reached the end-point of the trail and started by walk back on the street, the traffic was light, so I did not have to contend with many headlights in my eyes.  Headlights shining onto rain-spotted glasses are unwelcome intruders into my inner peace.

The rain has dashed my plans to mow and edge the yard, yet again.  I may use the rain as an excuse to rent another “motion picture” from Redbox or put my newly-purchased painter’s easel to use.

Yesterday, I bought a “used” easel and stool, which I found on a Craig’s List posting; the owners had purchased it for a photo shoot and had no other use for it.  My price was less than half of the new price.  I have paint, an easel, two canvasses, and an interest.  Now, if I had talent and technique, I’d be all set.  Instead, I’ll just pretend I can paint and will enjoy myself as much as I can.


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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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2 Responses to Precipitation Leads to Pictures and Painting

  1. I’m still waiting, Bev, for that “right moment” when the mood strikes. For me it’s a good thing I enjoy the process…the product not so much!

  2. bev says:

    Did you paint anything yet? I feel the real enjoyment is in the creative process and not so much in the product.

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