This Day Was Good, Too

Once again, my sister-in-law came to my rescue today.  She offered to be stand-in for my wife at the local writers’ club holiday lunch.  My wife had a minor dental emergency and the only opening with the dentist was 11:30 this morning. My wife didn’t need help getting to, or waiting for, the dentist, so my sister-in-law accompanied me to the lunch at the sushi restaurant.

The lunch was good, the conversations were interesting (even the one with my writer friend who loathes “Obamacare” and thinks it is anathema to freedom), and the opportunity to socialize, if only just a little, with other folks was valuable. The mainstream Chinese food was pretty good, though not truly “authentic,” nor was it particularly spicy, even the stuff that should have been.  But it was sufficiently tasty to get my vote.  The sushi was decent, though it did not compare to fresh sushi made by expert sushi chefs.  All in all, I cannot complain.  Especially for the price: $7.99 per person for the buffet, plus $2 tax.  Ten dollars per person is insanely cheap!  I hope the place can generate enough cash to stay in business.

After lunch, my SIL and I stopped at Chicken World, a place I’ve been suggesting as a good spot to stop and explore.  My wife has not expressed much interest.  My beautiful SIL, on the other hand, was game; so we stopped.  She bought a bag of hot peanuts; I look forward to her feeding them to me, as she laughs at my surprise that they are so horribly, uncomfortably spicy!  Well, we’ll see if that happens.

Then, we stopped for a moment at Walmart, looking for an antibiotic to smear on the spot on her upper back/shoulder where her cat had attacked her.  He did not do it intentionally (according to her), but he did leave a mark.  We did not find anything that she was willing to buy; the manufacturers think very highly of their products, unreasonably so.  That was OK, because when we got to our house, I smeared a bit of Neosporin on her wound, ensuring her health and happiness for years to come!

After a long wait at the post office so she could mail a package of fudge to people who matter to her, we headed to my house to see how my favorite wife was doing.  -She is fine, she said.  So SIL and I went for a long, enjoyable walk.  I demonstrated some of my many flaws by getting us temporarily lost a couple of times, but we finally made it home, after tackling some VERY steep hills.  And then, much to my chagrin, she went home.  I wish she’d stick around and chill here at our house.

My wife and I are enjoying our individual passtimes at the moment; I’m writing (badly, I’m afraid) and she’s watching banal TV.  I should not condemn her TV watching habits; some of mine are idiotic, on speed.  (But I have the good sense to hide my secret pleasures.)  🙂   She could say the same about my writing; I’ve been known to produce swill unworthy of human eyes.

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