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Gone Missing

I miss the conversations that once took place here.  Perhaps it’s my fault for failing to post thought-provoking pieces.  Whatever the reason, I miss the arguments, the discussions, the assertions that require a response.  I miss being challenged to look … Continue reading

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There have been times when I’ve exercised consistent self-discipline and there have been times when I’ve indulged myself in slothful laziness.  I always feel better, and feel better about myself, when I have exercised consistent self-discipline.  I felt better, physically, … Continue reading

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Shrinking Sloth

I can cook.  Man, can I COOK!  I’ve just made a Dutch oven full of red lentil soup.  It is, if I don’t say so myself, wonderful!  And it’s not the first time.  I’ve done this before. Several times. It … Continue reading

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I’m only on day two of doing without and, as expected, I have had no difficulty doing without coffee.  But my coffee replacement, a 30+ minute morning walk, has been more of an adjustment than it should have been, considering … Continue reading

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