Photo from Smithsonian National Zoological Park, Jessie Cohen, NZP photographer

I’m only on day two of doing without and, as expected, I have had no difficulty doing without coffee.  But my coffee replacement, a 30+ minute morning walk, has been more of an adjustment than it should have been, considering that I walked 1000 miles during the last ten months of 2012.  By the time I completed my 1000-mile goal last year, walking 6-9 miles had become pretty easy for me.  My joints and bones had gotten used to it.

Allowing those same joints and bones to languish for seven months, with only the rare test of strength and endurance, was slothfulness with consequences.  Yesterday and today, after walking just 2.6 miles and 2.7 miles, respectively, my knees and feet are protesting loudly that they belong to someone who should not be forced to endure the exploits of a younger and better-looking man.

This pain, I hope, will be short-lived.  My knees and feet will adjust to the daily abuse and will not be so loud in their protestations.   I will return to a stay of being in which walking will be the cure for what ails me, instead of sloth serving as the cure for walking.



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