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Fashion Models
It occurred to me before but as I was skimming an old copy of D Magazine it struck me again.  Young female fashion models who have their photos taken wearing haute couture, whether  bikinis and impossibly tall spiked heels or layers of heavy leather and silk, must be prohibited from smiling for the camera.  Does the pouty look, that look of vacuous seriousness, sell? I guess so.  Just not to me.  I find myself laughing darkly at these creatures with perfect “skin and bones” and looks of vacant ignorance on their faces.

The Universe
I know I’m not alone in this, but it feels as if I were: I cannot fathom the vastness of the universe.  I cannot begin to comprehend the distance from earth to our sun, much less the distance between galaxies.  When I contemplate what must be “out there” in distant space beyond our ability to see or hear or measure, a sense of wonder and deep sadness overcome me; wonder at the vastness of how little I know and sadness that I will never know it.

Political Parties
The two corporately-financed political parties, Democrats and Republicans, have finally gotten under my skin in a way that makes me believe I will never support either of their candidates again. Too many lies, too much subterfuge, too many greased palms, and too little intellectual and emotional substance have ruined any chances that I’ll support them again. I will vote for Obama this time around because the only other candidate who could possibly capture the White House is Romney, which would in my mind be catastrophic. But just as soon as the election is over, I plan to decide which “fringe” party to help energize and “mainstream” to the extent it might win four years hence. I’m leaning Green, thanks in part to a post I read today that led me to the party’s website. Whichever one it is, a lot of work must be done, not only to get recognition and build viability, but to configure a platform based on principle, but also deeply rooted in pragmatism.  That, in my view, is one of the problems with the platforms of alternative parties; they may be philosophically attractive, but utterly devoid of practicality.  But that can change.

It strikes me as patently absurd that I should in one sentence wax poetic about the wonders of an unknowable universe and in the next address the despicable ugliness of mainstream party politics. Who am I fooling? Who are we all fooling? Each other, I suppose. And ourselves.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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  1. robin andrea says:

    I love contemplating the vastness of the universe. For some reason it makes me feel safe. It minimizes the absurdities of our little speck of a dustball we call earth, and all the insanity that is enacted here.

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