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Musings on the Day After the Fourth

Last night, I sat on my deck watching explosions of fireworks in the deep distance and hearing the faint percussive thuds of the remote blasts. The air was hot and muggy, defining July in central Arkansas (and much of my home state of … Continue reading

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Explosive Celebration

It’s a little lonely without reading Facebook.  Yeah, I admit it. What did I do before Facebook?  I lived a lonely life, I suppose.  I’ve done it once, I can do it again. There’s always TV. And gun fighting. If … Continue reading

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July 4: Thoughts for the Day

My thoughts for today are too lengthy to post in my short “Thoughts for the Day.”  For my thoughts for the day, see my July 4 post from 2013.

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National Pride

Today, the Fourth of July, I contemplate this country in which we live.  I have not been, nor am I now, a blind patriot.  I will never believe “my country, right or wrong.”  Blind patriotism is as dangerous as treason … Continue reading

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Kaboom Town

Last night, we went to Kaboom Town with friends.  Kaboom Town is the Town of Addison’s annual July 3 fireworks bash, held in Addison Circle Park.  It is widely regarded as one of the most spectacular fireworks displays in the … Continue reading

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